Meet the Staff

Originally hailing from Worcester, Massachusetts, Aidan Stoddart moved to Virginia when he was about seven years old and is now a senior at Monticello High School. He has an affinity for stories, and his favorite authors include J.R.R. Tolkien and Rosemary Sutcliff. In addition to writing and editing for The Hoofprint, Aidan enjoys playing musical instruments, acting in Shakespeare plays, and working on his schoolwork. He is also an avid player of Dungeons and Dragons, and serves as Dungeon Master for many of his friends. Talk to him about worldbuilding. He loves it. Aidan hopes to attend university somewhere in the Northeast, and would like to pursue a degree in his academic passion, religious studies.

Ben Whearty is a 10th grader at Monticello. He moved to Charlottesville last July from Northern Virginian. He enjoys traveling, especially to big cities such as New York and Philadelphia. He is interested in and follows closely politics. Ben enjoys watching videos and listening to podcasts done by conservatives like Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder, Dinesh D’Souza and others. He enjoys history and is fascinated with US history, especially the first half of the 20th century. Ben plays tennis for Monticello and loves to play whenever he can. He also likes reading all sorts of books (except horror and romance novels). Ben’s favorite novel is To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. When he graduates college he would like to get a job in the railroading industry and eventually found his own company. If Ben could go anywhere for a day he would visit Sicily where he was born or go to Hawaii and visit the Pearl Harbour Memorial and the USS Missouri.

Kaleigh Steigman is in her second year of high school and Journalism. She has lived her whole life in Charlottesville and hopes she will never have to move. In her spare time, she can be found reading an assortment of fiction novels, playing with her beloved animals, or filling out Buzzfeed quizzes as she finds them quite addictive. Kaleigh has always loved writing, and hopes to one day publish her own work or edit other pieces. Two of her least favorite things in the world are math and stink bugs. Encounters with either leave her distraught and in need of chocolate, one of her favorite things in the world besides her animals, brother, parents, and, of course, books. Kaleigh hopes to someday travel to other countries that hopefully do not have big scary bugs so that she can sight see, and expand her knowledge of the world.

Bell Long is a 10 grade student and a member of the journalism two class. She enjoys reading and writing, specifically dystopian novels, The New York Times and CNN. Bell spends most of her spare time watching one or more of her seven younger siblings or riding at her barn. Bell aspires to go to school in New York and eventually become a psychologist, working with either children in the foster care system or criminals in prison. She hopes that whatever her profession ends up being that she is always able to incorporate reading and writing into it. This year Bell plans on writing a lot about issues that are currently affecting the whole earth. She is really passionate about equality for gender and ethnicity, and educating the youth in her community about current world issues.  

Ben Riley was born and raised in Charlottesville, VA and is currently a senior at Monticello High School. He enjoys school the majority of the time with his favorite subjects being math and science. Ben is a two-way player on the MHS Varsity football team at both Wide Receiver and Free Safety, along with being a four-year starter on the MHS Varsity baseball team, playing both Third Base and Outfield. In addition to a passion for sports, he also is a lover of all types of music. Favorite bands of his include The Beatles, Nirvana, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and many more. In the future, Ben hopes to attend The University of Virginia and study either finance or business. In addition to writing for the sports page of The Hoofprint, Ben hopes to write pieces regarding the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election.

Lindon Walz is a freshman here at Monticello and is “extremely excited” about his first year on the Hoofprint staff. According to Walz he was born in Woodstock, Ga, north of the state’s capital, Atlanta. He moved to Charlottesville, Va when he was 6, and has lived here ever since. Lindon enjoys reading comic books, playing video games, writing, and playing with his cat Frankie and dog, Biscuit. He hopes to one day write graphic novels for a living after attending an art school. He is a part of Monticello’s D&D club, which he says he “thoroughly enjoys”. He hopes to travel to many cities across the world including Paris and Vatican City. His favorite classes include, HMSA, Geometry, and Journalism.

Marissa Duffield is a freshman who moved to Charlottesville over the summer from Columbia, South Carolina. She has a passion for the arts, in particular musical theater and creative writing; her enjoyment of the arts does not extend to dance or highly regimented writing. Comic books, science fiction, and various fandoms occupy the remainder of her free time. The fandoms she’s a part of include, the Superwholock community, the Phandom, Harry Potter, and a number superhero television shows and movies. Her favorite superhero is the Flash or Batman. Other than the afore mentioned list her hobbies are scarce.Marissa is the youngest of three. Her oldest sibling, Joseph is 19. He is in his third year of college at UNCG (University of North Carolina Greensboro). Jessie is her older sister and best friend. She is 16 and a sophomore here at Monticello. The Duffield family has quite a few animals, two dogs (Minnie and Albus), one cat (Kyle), and two kittens (Fairfax and Oliver). Needless to say they have a full house. Robotics, Latin club, and the school plays are just a few things Marissa hopes to be involved in this year. Due to her love of the theater and creating, robotics and the plays are at the very top of her list. At her previous school there were not many extracurricular activities to take part in. The few that were offered were primarily sports which she has no interest in. So she plans to take full advantage of what this school has to offer her. Journalism is the first step to enjoying her high school career here at Monticello!

Gabe Hartwell was born and raised in Charlottesville, VA. He is 14 years old and a freshman at MoHs. His hobbies include playing guitar, hiking, video games, YouTube, and Netflix. He works as a food runner at the Nook Restaurant. He has a desire to travel the world and see its beautiful sights. Some of his favorite shows include Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, and Arrested Development (not the Netflix season…ew). He loves science and is a member of the Health and Medical Sciences Academy. He lives with his mom and his cat, Jackson, a few miles away from school. He came from the Field School in Crozet, where he spent middle school from fifth through eighth grade. He took two years of Latin and is currently in his third year in Spanish. He is excited to be working for the Hoofprint.

Will Clemons is 15 years old, and a sophomore at Monticello High School. He was born on May 18th, 2001 in Bethesda Maryland, and moved to Virginia when he was 3. He enjoys reading, running, and generally having a fun time. He was two sisters; Abigail, who is a freshman at UVA, and Eleanor, who is a 6th grader at Burley Middle School. He also participates in the MHS Orchestra, where plays the cello, runs for the MHS Cross Country team, and also plays for the school’s soccer team. He currently is planning on going into a career in history, specifically as a professor or teacher. He has pursued many different choices of study, like marine biology, writing, and ornithology, until he discovered his love of teaching from tutoring his younger sibling. He tends to be found either listening to music or watching videos on Youtube. One thing he wants to do before he dies is to travel to Italy and visit the Colosseum, as well as be a foster parent. He also has always wanted to have a corgi, but then again, who wouldn’t?

Sam Oldham, Sports reporter and camera man for the Hoofprint. I enjoy playing sports and riding my bike in the mountains. My goals for the year are to pass this class and to get a sports podcast going on every week. This is my first year at the Hoofprint.

Sophia Davis was born in a little southeast asian country called Cambodia and came to the US at 9 months. She has lived south of Charlottesville for almost her whole life except for a brief time in Northern Virginia. She had preschool and kindergarten up there in northern Virginia which explains why she is a little older then most of the kids in her grade. This is her first year at Monticello High School (2016-17) But she is no stranger to Monticello, because she ran for the Cross Country and Track team as a 8th grader. She has very fond memories of being the baby of both teams such as: making snow angles on the football field with her teammates and having so much fun at the cross country meets. She also has a passion for writing short stories and reading classic literature. In her free time she likes to play guitar and listen to music. She had be playing guitar for about 2 years, and listens to a lot of country music, sometimes she annoys her closest friends with how much she quotes country songs. She listens to other kinds of music, but she listens to a lot of country and k-pop. All of this, running, writing, and music keeps her going and she hopes her high school years will go smoothly on all accounts, but life has a funny way of making things interesting.

Coming in from our Nation’s Capital, Joshua St. Hill moved to Charlottesville, Virginia at the simple age of 11 years old. Attending Cale elementary school Josh realized he had a strong passion for two things: Music and Writing. After taking media classes in Walton Middle School, and earning a spot on WLHW, the School’s news program, he felt more than ready to take on the Journalism World at Monticello. You can catch some of his greatest works such as: The Art of Sneakerheads, a collective about the shoe fashion. Or his review on the latest Isaiah Rashad album, The Sun’s Tirade. Here on the Monticello Hoofprint!

Kate Walz is starting her second year on the Hoofprint staff. This is her first year as a high school senior. She plans to collect interviews and manage the Humans of Monticello Instagram page, write book reviews and keep Monticello’s student body up to date on their horoscopes. Coincidentally, her brother, Lindon Walz, is also on the Hoofprint staff as a freshman. She stays after school to run for the cross country team in her fourth year (six counting a few middle school races) and is one of three girls’ team captains. She comes in early Tuesdays, Thursdays and every other Friday to sing in the Treble Jazz choir as a very proud Alto II. Hopefully, she will be able to help tutor in the Writing Center this year, too. In her free time she enjoys reading, writing, being outside, listening to/making music and drinking excessive amounts of coffee. Kate has declined to answer any questions about her future plans, including, but not limited to college. But off the record, she hopes to go to school either in the Northeast or right here in Virginia after taking a gap year. She believes a gap year will help her have a better focus going into college and wants to travel before settling in for another four years.

Hannah Rogers is a senior at Monticello High School and in the US & Politics beat in journalism. On the first weekend of every month you could find, if you were rummaging through her mailbox, said month’s edition of Vanity Fair, the Atlantic, Time, and Scientific American magazine(s). The things she has internalized through magazine articles are her substance and primary source of profound knowledge. Hannah has been an avid snowboarder for many years now, and at the level she’s on I’d expect to see her in the 2017 US Open, but as she is humble and really not keen on competition, Hannah mostly enjoys the leisurely badminton game (where she, off the record, destroys her opponent.) Anyone who knows Hannah would confirm that she uses her sarcasm as an emotional tool. Probably largely due to the fact that she started watching the Daily Show way too young, and it irreparably shaped her as a person. If she had to choose someone to have dinner with living or dead, it would still be Jon Stewart, still no clarification necessary (adapted from last year’s bio). She hopes to get into college in general.

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