Meet the Staff

Adriana Wells is a fourteen-year-old freshman at Monticello High School, and was born in Charlottesville, Virginia on February tenth. Her favorite activities are reading, writing, sleeping, going to Barnes and Noble, watching Psych and Screen Junkies on YouTube, procrastinating, spouting useless facts no one seems to care about, fantasizing about traveling to somewhere in Europe, and correcting her sisters’ English homework until she is told to go away. Her least favorite activities are attempting to brush her hair until it isn’t a complete monstrosity, waiting for the bus to arrive at her house, looking at old pictures of herself, listening to advertisements on Spotify, and watching horrible movie adaptations of her favorite books. She hopes to attend the University of Virginia once she finishes high school and become a writer, an editor, or a psychologist. Other academic interests include World History and Science. Adriana has two younger sisters (a ten-year-old and a seven-year-old), an older brother, five dogs, and two cats (both of them are calicos) and one turtle (named Crush) in her home. She has achieved a few awards in her past, but she is most proud of the Daughters of the American Revolution Award for Excellence in History.

Hailing from Worcester, Massachusetts, Aidan Stoddart moved to Virginia when he was about seven years old and is currently a junior at Monticello High School. He is avid lover of language and stories, and his favorite writers include J.R.R. Tolkien, Neil Gaiman, C.S. Lewis, and Rosemary Sutcliff. He enjoys studying English, history, and religion, and finds the early medieval period fascinating, especially in Britain. In addition to writing for The Hoofprint and studying his academic pursuits, Aidan passably plays several instruments (piano, guitar, instruments that closely resemble the guitar, vocals), and composes and records music that he posts online under the name Oakwool. He also participates in the MHS theatre community, and wrote this year’s Autumn one-act play, Heck. He is currently writing a story about a kindhearted man and a peculiarly intrepid sheep. The story also has a dragon.

Isabel Long, or Bell, is a 10th grade student and a member of the “Journalism 2” class. She enjoys reading and writing, specifically dystopian novels and The New York Times and CNN. Bell spends most of her spare time watching one or more of her seven younger siblings or riding at her barn. Bell aspires to go to school in New York and eventually become a psychologist, working with either children in the foster care system or criminals in prison. She hopes that whatever her profession ends up being that she is always able to incorporate reading and writing into it. This year, Bell plans on writing about issues that currently affect the whole earth. She is really passionate about equality, gender and ethnicity, and educating the youth in her community about current world issues.   

Hannah Rogers is a junior at Monticello High School. She hopes to attend UC Berkeley, UNC Chapel Hill, or Boston College in 2017. She is sixteen and loves to paint and write poetry in her free time. She loves the outdoors and all the seasons equally. Her favorite sports are snowboarding, wakeboarding, badminton, and surfing, and she absolutely wouldn’t pass up the occasional squash game. Hannah was born in Manhattan in ‘98, and moved to Virginia while she was still a toddler. She has two younger, half sisters: Tessa is 7 years old and lives in New York and Madilyn is 13 and lives in Washington (they’re a versatile bunch, I know). Over the summer she interned with Groundswell, an all-burrow-inclusive community mural project out of Brooklyn, and is aiming to do another NYC internship at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in the summer of 2016. Hannah is what most students would consider an English-History person, in that these two subjects tend to triumph over Math and Science, with a shared interest for politics and photography- as she is an aspiring travel photographer. Her ultimate favorite song is Give It Away by the Red Hot Chili Peppers (her ultimate favorite band), and her current favorite song is Two Princes by the Spin Doctors. If Hannah could spend 15 minutes with any living person in the world, that person would undoubtedly be Jon Stewart, no clarification necessary.

Josh St. Hill was born in Washington D.C in 2001. He has an older brother named James who also attended Monticello, in the class of 2014. Josh spent several years of his life in Hagerstown, Maryland, where his earliest memory was watching SpongeBob before church. He’s always been an avid writer, yet found his passion in journalism after observing Stephen A. Smith. He aspires to attend Georgetown University on either an Academic or Athletic Scholarship, showing great interest in Basketball and Track.
Other than Journalism he shows great interest in the music category, loving both rap and soul. His favorite rapper is Kendrick Lamar, stating “He’s one of my favorites because he’s such a conscious rapper, he’ll make you look at life another way after hearing an album or song.” He plans to hit the Monticello Studio and almost live in there. Yet knows his main focus is staying as an honor roll student.
Now he’s a freshman at Monticello and plans to join the Basketball and Track Team. He also plans to obtain a job at Chick-fil-a this summer, when he’s of age. Fun facts about him are that he enjoys all types of music, is easy going, and always diverse.

Kaleigh Steigman is in her first year of high school and journalism. She has lived her whole life in Charlottesville and hopes she will never have to move. In her spare time, she can be found reading an assortment of fiction novels, playing with her beloved animals, or filling out Buzzfeed quizzes as she finds them quite addictive. Kaleigh has always loved writing, and hopes to one day publish her own work or edit other pieces. After achieving a 3rd place award in the Writer’s Eye competition in 8th grade, her dream has only become stronger. Two of her least favorite things in the world are math and stink bugs. Encounters with either leave her distraught and in need of chocolate, one of her favorite things in the world besides her animals, brother, parents, and, of course, books. Kaleigh hopes to someday travel to other countries that hopefully do not have big scary bugs so that she can sight see, and expand her knowledge of the world. She has not quite gotten a grip on high school yet, but hopes to get involved in Key Club or yearbook.

Kate Walz is a junior at Monticello this year. She has lived half her life in an Atlanta suburb and half her life here in Charlottesville. There she lives with her younger brother, Lindon, her Mom, her Dad, Step-grandmother, two cats and three dogs. Running, something she has done since 7th grade, is very important to her and she participates in both the cross country and track teams at MHS. When she isn’t running around enjoying nature, she loves reading, writing, drawing, cooking/baking, singing and blogging. In college she hopes to study either Linguistics, Cultural Anthropology, and/or Journalism. She is also eagerly anticipating the day when she can go and travel to exotic places. She hopes to start her journey next year when she visits Rome and other parts of Italy with her Latin class during Spring Break. Although this is her first year in Journalism, last year she was on the Yearbook staff. For her, she sees Journalism as a way to inform people, specifically about some of her favorite topics, debates and issues. As well as Journalism, she is an avid history, Latin, and English scholar. She is also in the Health and Medical Sciences Academy.

Kayla Coursey is a Junior and the copy editor for the Hoofprint this year. She moved to Charlottesville from a small town in Vermont when she was in seventh grade. She has been writing creatively since elementary school and has continued to build on that skill. Kayla has attended UVa Young Writer’s Workshop hosted at Sweet Briar College twice as well as Bard at Simon’s Rock Young Writer’s Workshop in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, to further develop her writing skills. This is her second year in Monticello’s Journalism class. Her favorite teas are green and chai, and she is always up for tea parties and pastries. Her other hobbies and interests include listening to records, reading web comics, and making people try on her glasses so that they can see for themselves how poor her eyesight is.

Kia Wassenaar is a music maker, magic lover, and adventure kid extraordinaire. An avid reader, she was always drawn to writing and the world it could create. She spent three summers at the UVA Young Writers Workshop, focusing in music and creative writing. When an interest in world news and politics developed, journalism naturally followed. Kia joined The Hoofprint in the fall of 2014, serving as the Managing Editor for all of her junior year and leading the newspaper’s transition into an online publication. Though creative writing is her favorite, she has enjoyed covering larger world issues in a way that makes them more accessible to high school students. Now a senior, Kia is President of Model United Nations and National Latin Honor Society. She is also working with Monticello teachers to create the Monticello Writer’s Workshop, a place where students can go to collaborate and receive feedback on both creative writing and school writing assignments. Kia is a huge music lover and plays piano and guitar. Art museums are her natural environment. She enjoys attending concerts that come through town, if only for an excuse to dance for an hour or two. She hopes to continue exploring, writing about her own experiences and those of the people around her. She will never run out of stories to tell.

My name is Kumiko Turner I am 14 years old. My favorite football team is the Steelers. One of my worst fear is of heights and that’s all I am really scared of and scary movies. I have two dogs. One of them is a beagle I think the other one is a beagle to. Over my summer I really didn’t do much I went to VA beach and one of my grandpa’s friends came down from Germany… well that’s really it. One of the colleges I want to go to is Florida State. The reason why is because I want a good job in my future and I think that a collage like that would do that for me – that or VCU. My favorite color is cyan blue. I play two sports, Football and Basketball, they were always two of the coolest sports to me. One of my favorite cartoons from my childhood was Teen Titans. That show was great. My favorite movie would have to be Ride Along with Kevin Hart and Ice cube. One of my Role models would be my uncle. To me, my uncle is extremely successful – he graduated from VCU and owned his own business at the age of 26 so I want to kind of follow his footsteps. But my grandpa – he is incredible, he is my biggest hero, he is a great man, he and I are really close. Well that’s a few things about me.

My name is Natalia Marshall.  I am a sophomore at Monticello High school. I was born and raised in Charlottesville. Ever since I was little I have always had a passion for riding horses, but I have also played various sports such as volleyball, basketball and softball. Since I am in high school I have made the hard decision to drop all of the sports that I play and just focus on riding horses. Riding horses takes a lot of commitment and especially the field that I am in. In the rodeo business there is a sport that is called cattle cutting. When you cut cattle the goal is to isolate one cow from a herd for a certain amount of seconds. To try and help improve my riding I had gotten a job at the beginning of the summer at a cutting horse farm up in culpeper. While I am there I am supposed to be training my horse and becoming a better rider, and it is almost acting as an intern/job. If I could I would like to get a scholarship for riding and if I join the high school rodeo then I could get noticed a lot quicker. If that doesn’t work out then I would like to go to Blue ridge community college for two years then transfer down to Texas. My goal is to become a vet when I get older and my specific field would be a large animal vet. A couple summers ago I had traveled around with a vet for the summer to make sure that that is what I had wanted to do. There were many things that I had learned while I was with the vet and some of them were that the stitching that you put on an amila doesn’t always have to be perfect since they have such a tough hide. I have always been a fan of hard work and especially work in a field that I love. I have always been taught that hard work most of the time leads to a great outcome and if  I work hard early in life then my future will end up a great outcome. The person that has taught me to look at life that way was my father. In most things that I put my mind to I am always trying to impress and make my dad proud with what I do. I go to him and ask him how I should improve. All that he wants out of me is to put forth a hundred percent and even if I fail then I still tried my hardest.     

Natalie Steinberg was born in Charlottesville Virginia in 1999. Her earliest childhood memory was standing on her tip toes, trying to look over the kitchen counter. Natalie’s favorite subject has always been English due to the fact that since an early age she’s been entranced with the english language. Because of her hunger for learning and expanding her mind, Natalie has a desire to become a journalist. In school, her least favorite subject was always Math. Even though her short-term goal was to get straight A’s, Math proved challenging to complete this goal. After years of searching and picking up hobbies such as dance and field hockey, she never committed to one. That is until Natalie finally found something she was passionate about. Kung Fu. It wasn’t just a self defense class, to Natalie it was an artform. It expanded her understanding of how the human body works and builds relationships with her peers. She also has her eye on the fashion industry. Natalie’s avid in blogging and supplements her family’s income with trading and buying of clothes she does online. She also has a different side to her. This side of Natalie loves foreign music and foreign languages to match.

Samantha Kelly is a Freshman at Monticello High School. She was born in Greenwich Connecticut, but only lived there for twenty days. Ever since day twenty-one, she has resided in Charlottesville. Even though she only lived in Connecticut for a little while, one of Sam’s favorite things to do is to go and visit family up in the Northeast, and she hopes to live in that area again some day. With a mother who is a music teacher, private flute instructor, and professional flutist, music has been a big part of Sam’s life ever since she was born. At Monticello, Sam participated in the spring musical two out of her three years of middle school. She also plays the alto saxophone and takes jazz and classical lessons. One of the many reasons that she chose the saxophone is that it is similar to the flute, an instrument that she hears a LOT of, yet it has a completely different sound. Sam’s family consists of herself, her brother, a seventh grader at Burley Middle School, her Mom, and her Dad, who does public relations and writes for different organizations around town. After rediscovering her passion for reading this past summer, Sam thought that learning how to write in a journalistic style could be educational and fun at the same time!

Selena Shifflett was born in Charlottesville, Virginia and resides in Scottsville with her parents, sister, and dog, Zoey. She is a junior at Monticello this year, and has been a member of the Hoofprint staff since ninth grade. Last year, she held the position of “Copy Editor”, meaning she used her proficient(ish) grammatical skills to correct mistakes in the articles. She is also starting her second year in Monticello’s Color Guard, and she is a third year in the Health & Medical Sciences Academy. She loves Shakespeare and participated in the student-run Shakespeare performance last year. Her interests include Edgar Allan Poe and other great authors, history, origami, mythology, and red pens.

Stuart Thomas is a sophomore at Monticello High School and has lived in Charlottesville her whole life. She has a younger sibling named Drew and most of her relatives live close by so she has not been fortunate with traveling. But she plans on traveling once out of high school. One of her favorite places she has wants to go to is Paris, France and the coral reef in Australia. Stuart enjoys spending time with friends/family and playing field hockey. She has been playing for three years and plans to play in college. She plans to go to college and try to pursue a profession in the field of education or nonprofits. Stuart enjoys going to school and the classes she is taking. Even though writing isn’t so much of a strong suit for her she is taking the challenge with journalism. Stuart’s favorite subject in school is science and the earth/marine science really interests her. In the seventh grade she went to the Marine Science Consortium in Wallops Island, VA with the middle school and that is when her interest really started to grow with marine life.

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