Music Reviews

The Devil Don’t Sleep Brantley Gilbert


By Sophia Davis

Track List & Album Review

  1. Rocking Chairs
  2. Ones That Like Me
  3. The Weekend
  4. You Could be That Girl
  5. Smokin’ Gun
  6. Bro Code
  7. It’s About To Get Dirty
  8. Tried To Tell Ya
  9. In My Head
  10. Way Back
  11. Baby Be Crazy
  12. Outlaw in Me
  13. Bullet in a Bonfire
  14. The Devil Don’t Sleep
  15. We’re Gonna Ride Again
  16. Three Feet of Water


Bro Code

This song has an uncomfortable undertone to it. The song tells a story about how people have to stay faithful to their friends. The girl in the story has showed up to the house of one of her boyfriend’s friend. She proceeds to flirt with him and it puts the friend in an awkward situation. This song still gives the listener a feeling of distrust and a feeling of trepidation. There is someone who is out of it, and who just wants a have good time, but the person in the story just has to stay loyal to their friend.


In My Head

This song is a surprise because it is has a sweet and romantic tone. It is different from the sound of a lot of Gilbert’s usual “bad boy” sound. In his other songs, we had a lot of heavy music in the background of his songs, and a lot of great guitar solos. However this song is softer than the other songs on the album, and the story is about a night that the singer has spent talking with someone who is special to them.


Way Back

This song is one of my favorite songs off of the album. This song starts out with a heavier sound, almost like a triumphant feeling. Then the song fades into a softer tone to introduce his voice into the song. This song is about how he is coming home to his small town after staying away for a long time. He talks about how the image you make in your home town and the people that you associate stays with you. He talked about how when he got back to his hometown; it is like stepping back into the past.


Baby Be Crazy

This song is a sweet song, with the same classic “bad boy” sound. This song tells the story of a boy who is very rough and rowdy. However, he finds a girl who loves him nevertheless, even with all his rough edges and all his flaws. There is a heavy undertone to this song, but it is married well with a tender feel to the lyrics. Even with Gilbert’s heavy southern accent he manages to make this song sound rough, with a sweet side to it. This duality is what the song is trying to convey.


Bullet In a Bonfire

This is one of the harshest tracks on the album. Even in the interview that Brantley Gilbert did to promote his album, he was not allowed to say the true meaning of this song. This song is truthfully about domestic violence. It is quite evident that this song is trying to get across the fact that if someone were to be caught abusing another person, that karma and many bad things would come to the abuser.


The Devil Don’t Sleep

This song is the one that names the album. It starts out with  very dark and forlorn feel to it. The undertone of the song is religious, but it tells the story of how life can be very hard and the times that you don’t expect it, bad luck can strike. This song can be very uplifting to know that a lot of other people go through these same struggles that others go through. However, this song can really bring a person down by saying that when things are hard it can feel like you are running around a darker and controlling energy of bad will and bad luck.


We’re Gonna Ride Again

This song touches on Gilbert’s loyalty to his friends. It was made in tribute to one of his friends that passed away. The tone of the song makes it perfect for a tribute song, because the tone  lets one feel the sadness, but a lot of the happiness and the memories that they shared together. He talks about how wonderful this guy was and how it is sad that they won’t be able to ride around town and party together. The fact that he brings up his friend’s habits as well as his appearance and he remembers his “old gray bear fallin’ down to his chest.” touches on the special and intimate nature of their relationship.


Album Review


This album was a great addition to the songs that Gilbert has turned out. He has stayed true to his theme of bittersweet that takes the hearts of many of his fans. His down and dirty, Bottom’s Up, sound had stayed constant through all of his songs, but it nice when he throws in the sweet and romantic feel to some of his songs. He goes out with One Hell of an Amen, taking it back down a dirt road in our hearts when he sings about his the hardships he has faced and how he had to get through those difficult times in his life. All of his songs tell his remarkable story and the things that he has seen through his life.


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