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By Faith Kelley

Fifth grade was the first time I heard Mo’Aysia Jackson sing, she was singing “Halo” by Beyoncé. Though just in elementary school, we knew she had the voice to break down a million walls. It was an honor to be a friend of hers; she was almost like a celebrity in the halls of Yancey Elementary. She had something; she was funny in everything that she did, not to mention, her “floetic” voice. I can remember, just as if it was yesterday, the talent show when she blew the crowd away singing “I Have Nothing” by the late Whitney Houston.

Now, we are in 10th grade, since then Mo’Aysia has starred in two Monticello High School drama productions. On March 10th, 2017,  Mo’Aysia released her first song on Soundcloud, named Floetry. I had the opportunity to interview Ms. Jackson on this song after hearing a preview of it.

“My new song is Floetry. I made this song to kind of describe, I guess, how my music goes,” Jackson said when describing the purpose of her song. As the lyrics mention, the song is “smooth like a lyrical gravy, flowing through my mind.” She uses this metaphor to describe her style of music. Jackson went on the say, “It’s kind of like an  introduction for me, to my whole idea of how I write my music.”


Do you have a stage name? If so, what does it stage for?

“Rue. My basketball coach made it up for me, Ms. Reynolds. She used to call me Rue. Because rue, it’s like, kind of like gravy. You have a lot of stuff smoothed into something smooth. It’s being able to like, mix everything into one, like handle everything. It’s a lot put into one thing.


What does music mean to you?

“A lot, it gets me through a lot. I understand people who write music just to get out their feelings, and then, sooner or later, it becomes a job. But I love music so much that I don’t care if it becomes a job because I feel like I can do it constantly, without getting tired of it.

When and how did you find your love for music?

“I fell in love with old school music first because my dad would play it in the car. The reason I fell in love with music is because it’s not all the same. It’s different types of genres and stuff like that, and you don’t have to relate to a whole song, you can pick and choose out of verses what is what and how you can relate to it. So like, you could be bumpin’ to country music and all of a sudden it could say something and you think, ‘oh, I agree.’

What was your main inspiration for your song? Did you listen to any other songs for inspiration?

“No, I kind of just clicked on a beat, and I would close my eyes and just start singing to it; at least I’ll start humming and then I’ll let words come out of my mouth.”

How would you categorize this song?

“I want to say maybe R&B and Neo Soul. As my mom would say, Erykah Badu.”

Do you have any musical inspiration, if so who?

“The beats are kind of like old school singers, like Lauryn Hill. That’s a big inspiration for me. And for some reason Joey BadA$$.

To whom would you compare the song? If you didn’t write and sing this song, who would?

“I want to say Lauryn Hill. The reason I think Lauryn Hill is her one song with the Fugees called Vocab.

If you could sum up your song in what word, what would it be?

“I don’t have one.”

What is the legacy that you want to leave behind?”

“Creativity, respect, and the ability to have unconditional love, even though it’s almost impossible to have.”

Those who heard it would say her song is, extravagant, flawless, tremendous, purposeful, and vibrant, and that is it.


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