How To Mommy A Little Lamb

By Bell Long 

Written by someone who has a lamb nursery in her living room.


We’ve all done it. Everyone has tried to care for a little animal that didn’t look like they were gonna make it. All children, at some point in their life, should be able to rehabilitate, a little bird, or mouse, or rabbit, they have found in their backyard. Living on a farm, in the past week I have taken not one, not two, but three baby lambs into my/ my family’s care.

We have about one hundred plus sheep on my farm and every once in awhile there is a mom who rejects one, or a baby who can’t stand up right. This season we have had three so far that have had to be taken into La Casa De Los Locos (translation: the house of the crazy). So if you happen to be in the position of taking care of a baby lamb as well, and you stumble upon my article, I hope that by the end you feel 100 percent confident you could mommy a little lamb.

The first thing you need to know is how much free time you have on your hands and whether or not you are really dedicated to the task, because as cute as this is:


Sometimes you’re gonna feel like this:


So be prepared for 3am panic attacks when you wake up and your baby (lamb) is screaming its head off.

The second thing you need is suplies.  Unless its seriously a life or death situation, I would not suggest taking home a lamb thinking “I have a bunch of boxes in the basement this thing will fit in and I’ll just run to PetSmart later”. One of the lambs I adopted was so weak and little it couldn’t even drink from a bottle and had to be fed by a tube (if this applies please see: https://www.blackbellysheep.org/about-the-sheep/articles/tube-feeding-lambs-kids/). The best thing that I’ve used so far, as far as housing goes, is a pack and play:


Please line with puppy pads; don’t argue, just do it. For feeding you should find yourself in your local Tractor Supply and, like I said, how it goes down (no pun intended) depends on how healthy your lamb is.

Depending on how mobile your lamb is and how much of a neat-freak you are, you may want to buy some baby diapers so that you can at least try and postpone the inevitable of the lamb eventually peeing on your floor. Another few little tips: keep rags handy, take them outside to play and when the cuteness wears off and you don’t wanna wake up every four hours anymore… Here’s another picture!


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