Creative Writing

Arts: Epitaph For The Gods; Chapter 1 – Saints Among Sinners


By Lindon Walz 

Chapter 1: Saints Among Sinners

February 18th, 1985

The Atlantic Ocean, Near The Coast of The UK

The grey water slapped the side of a small fishing boat, causing it to rock back and forth violently. A middle-aged man in jeans and a plaid shirt stood up on the deck and looked out upon the horizon, shielding his eyes from the bombardment of rain drops. He squinted his eyes to gain a better view of the black sliver that he found on the horizon. He assumed that it was the coast of England, and hoped to God that it was. He turned around and walked over to a hatch, which he opened and entered, descending into the lower part of his ship, which featured a small bedroom and an even smaller bathroom. He knocked on the door to the bathroom and said,

“Are you alright Miss?” The wooden door opened and revealed the pale face of the late Allison Moore, a 19 year old girl who died of a drug overdose back in ‘84. Her soul was transmitted to the afterlife and she was reborn as Ryan Wilson, who will become a famous movie star in Hollywood. The soul that currently inhabits Moore’s body is formally known as Azrael, or as mortals call her, Death.

 “Yeah, I think all of breakfast is gone,” she said, chuckling at her own misfortune.]

“Well, we’re an hour off the coast, the men at the harbor say that there’s a taxi cab that’ll take you to London,” said the man.

“Alright. Thank you, Captain,” replied Allison, walking out into the hallway. The Captain nodded and began walking upstairs to the deck. Allison stepped out of the bathroom and walked down the hall, eventually collapsing down onto the messy bed that stood in the corner of the small bedroom that was placed in the back of the boat. Her head was beating and, unfortunately for her, she couldn’t figure out if it was from the seasickness, or from the transfer into the mortal body that she currently inhabited. The rest of the ride to the shore was uneventful, as Allison laid on her sleeping mat, pondering her new existence.

“Mortals have so many questions, and so little time for answers.” she thought to herself as she stared at the ceiling.

Eventually the captain walked into the room and informed Allison that the boat was pulling into port. She thanked him and gathered her things, walking up to the top of the ship. The air felt cool against her pale skin as she stepped onto the harbor and walked to the road.

“Good morning,” said the cab driver as she stepped into the car.

“Morning,” she replied as he began driving away. The car ride to London was long, and unfortunately, uneventful, leaving Allison nothing to do but stare out at the trees and fields that populated the English countryside. London was just as bleak as the countryside and featured an enormous amount of traffic, which severely angered the driver, who cursed at other drivers as he drove along. After an hour or two the cab finally pulled up to a sidewalk and the driver put the car in park.

“I believe this is your stop young lady,”  said the driver.

“Thank you, how much do I owe you?” asked Allison.

“Nothing, some guy walked into our London office yesterday and payed for you in full,” replied the driver.

“Alright, have a nice day,” she said, stepping out of the cab and grabbing her things. She looked at the corner building in front of her. A sign hung above her door that read “The Queen’s Coffee”. She walked into the door and looked at the mostly empty coffee shop in front of her. She scanned the people sitting in the room and immediately recognized the man she was looking for. She took a right and walked to the back corner of the room where a man in a white suit sat. He had short hair and a goatee, both of which were white as well.

“Hello Azrael,” he said as Allison sat down.

“Hello Lux,” said Allison, setting down her things.

“It took me a long time find you,” said Lux, taking a sip of his coffee.

“Two months is nothing to an immortal,” replied Allison.

“But neither of us is immortal now, are we?” he replied.

“We may not be but I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before we’re back,” said Allison, arrogantly. Lux grabbed her wrist firmly.

“Do you understand the gravity of this situation, Azrael?”

“I do, mortals aren’t dying because I’m not there and they’re not being born because you’re not there,” she snapped back, pulling away her hand.

“Yes, and arguing isn’t going to help that is it?” he asked.

“No,” she replied, slumping back into her chair. The two sat in silence for a moment.

“So what do you propose we do about it?” she asked.

“The demi-god, Ignis, is in town, and Intelligentia runs a bookstore in the south part of town; he may have some information on this,” said Lux.

“Very well, let’s go,” said Allison. The two stood up and walked out of the coffee shop, and began heading south to see an old friend.  

To Be Continued…

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