Amazon Music


By Gabe Hartwell

Amazon, one of the biggest corporal giants in our time, has recently released its latest media platform. Amazon is no stranger to media, having a respectably large library of streamable movies and TV shows for Amazon Prime members. Their latest media outlet is called Amazon Music.

In Amazon Music, you can look up and download specific songs and artists, while also being able to listen to stations of an artist. Basicly, a station is centered around an artist and it plays a combination of their music and music in the same genre and time period. Amazon Music is pretty up to date with recent music, however I usually listen to older music, and that is where it shines. Any artist or song you can think of even going back to the 1920’s will be there, and that is why it is great.

Amazon Music has a really cool feature called offline mode. In this, you can create playlists with any downloaded music from your regular music library and any music you have downloaded from the app. I use this a lot because I have a limited amount of cellular data and streaming music can eat up data pretty fast, so I just downloaded a lot of music and made offline playlists for when I’m away from home.

Amazon Music is great if you already have Amazon Prime. You just have to log in with your amazon prime login and you can use it. There is a feature called Amazon Music Unlimited for 7.99$ per month that gives you access to all the music. I can not see a reason for this because for the most part I have found every song that I need and have not been restricted. While there are some flaws, for the most part Amazon Music is a great streaming software and if you have Amazon Prime there is no reason not to try it.  

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