Arts and Culture

Releasing New Music: K-pop vs. American Music


By Sophia Davis

Musical artists release new material constantly and as a result of that, their fanbases blow up with the finally released anticipation and admiration. Sometimes the release of songs break records, such as ‘Most watched video in the first 24 hours,’ or ‘Most sold’ (globally/nationally), and various other awards. I have noticed that there is a major difference between when a K-pop song is released and when an American country song is released. There is a lot of excitement among fans from both genres, but it is lengthened on when the news is delivered and when the song or album is actually released.  

The way that the public gets news that a song or album is being released by an artist is a different genre. When there is an American country song being released by a famous artist or group, there is a lot of hype on their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts.

However, it is very different in the “K-pop world”, per se. When a K-pop group or artist is going to release new songs their entertainment company will make an announcement to the community. Then there is a process in the months leading up to the final release. The announcement happens first, then if there is a music video, there will be a “teaser” for the video. The “teaser” is a big deal for many fans because it is the first little sneak peak at the music video.

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