Album Review: Dig Your Roots


By: Sophia Davis

Album Review: Dig Your Roots

Dig Your Roots is the newest album from the country duo Florida Georgia Line (FGL). Boyhood friends, Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley, hit the top of the country music charts when they started recording music, and the public has been in love with them even since then. The duo’s songs have had a country, young hell raiser, and lost-in-love sound up to this point. “Cruise,” “Sun Daze,” and “This is How We Roll” feat. Luke Bryan, are some of their signature songs; all three songs illustrate a party all night, drink until the sun comes up, and love your girl kind of feel to them. In the past year Tyler Hubbard tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Hayley Stommel.  

In this new album the duo has taken on a more mature, and grounded tone with their newest songs. This albums is also different from FGL’s older songs because they have introduced new artists and sounds to their music. On this album, Brian Kelly’s vocals are featured in more of the songs as opposed to previous albums and hits where it was primarily Tyler Hubbard’s vocals.

Dig Your Roots

“Smooth” is the first song on the album, and it kicks off the album with FGL’s new sound. The rhythm to “Smooth” gives a sense of going down a river, like a song best played on a boat. This song is a love letter, with its very smooth, and romantic feel. This song feels very personal to the artists, as well as relatable to the listener. I liked how FGL started this album with this song. This song demonstrates the new sound to their album.

The next song gave the album its name: “Dig Your Roots.” This song starts to give the listener a sense of who Tyler and Brian are. This brings up the band’s new social status. Both Brian and Tyler are married, and that is obvious in their music. This song talks about how you need to ‘dig your roots,’ and how you have to make a name for yourself and live life to the fullest.

“Life is a Honeymoon” featuring Ziggy Marley, starts with a reggae-influenced beat. It is very different from the other songs that FGL has released in the past, because the reggae beat adds another sound. FGL has been primarily Brian and Tyler singing songs and occasionally bringing another artist into the mix, but nothing like Ziggy Marley. The artists that they have featured in their songs have either been artists singing faintly in the background Sarah Buxton in “Dayum Baby”, or other country artists like Luke Bryan in the official version of “This is How We Roll.”  It is very good that FGL has added this variety to their songs because their songs will appeal to a wider audience with the new changes in FGL’s songs. In the past, FGL has produced hits that have a very strong feeling of being young and reckless.

“H.O.L.Y.” is one of the two singles off the album. This song is very touching because Tyler and Brian’s vocals are both featured in this song. They are singing about how one person can come into your life and change you for the better. They really tell about their own journeys from reckless young men with nothing to lose, to men who have a purpose and people to live for that depend on them. A lot of people can relate to this song because of the feeling of being changed by another person for the better.

“Island,” is a very sweet sounding song for FGL. This track is about how when you’re with your significant other, it can almost be like you are transported away to an isolated place with them. It is like you are transported to an island all alone with them, and experience the most magical feeling ever. Brian is the main vocalist in this song, and I think that it is a wonderful to have a new voice in the FGL trio. In prior songs, Tyler has been the main vocalist and Brian has been the one playing most of the guitar.

“May We All” featuring Tim McGraw is an ode to their way of life. The song is  about how the artists have lived their lives and how much they love their way of life. They wish that everyone had the strong community and family ties that they do. This is also one of the songs off the album that a music video was made for. The song and the video go very well together. The video helps bring the song to life and the message behind the song. The video has a captivating story line and illustrates the true friendship between the two, Tyler and Brian.

“Lifer,” is the eighth track on the album, and one of the most intriguing songs. At first glance a song with the title “Lifer” could be a little intimidating, but the song has nothing to do with jail. This song has to do with commitment, loyalty and true devotion to someone for life. I personally like this song because Brian I the main vocalist in this song.This song is really about commitment and it is very powerful song, and I think that this is really a song about true love. Some of the best lyrics in the song is “Baby I’m a lifer, i ain’t going nowhere…” With these lyrics this song gives one a feeling of comfort and love.There was a lot of true love that came out into the writing and producing of this song.

The song “Good Girl, Bad Boy,” sounds more like the “classic” Florida Georgia Line song. FGL’s previous songs always have this reckless and free feeling to them. The lyrics are considered to be their “classic” sound too. This song is about a romance between two people, one of them being a good, church-going, “sky blue, tortoise” girl, and a bad boy “whiskey shot” of a guy. This song has a very pleasant sound to it, even though it is about a kind of rough topic. The song talks about how two people can be very different in their ways and social standing, but they can still be in love and have the same difficulties in love as the rest of us. I have always been taken in by the stories of two totally differently people falling in love.

“Wish You Were On It” reminds me more of the songs off the Anything Goes album.  This is a very lusty song, to be perfectly honest, and handles a more mature and reckless connotation. This is definitely not a song that someone would want to be blaring in their room if their parents are conservative or know nothing about FGL as artists. This is kind of like a late night text kind of song. This track really embodies the craving feeling that one person has for another. To be on their phone, to be in their car heading to their house, to be in their house and then, well you can use your imagination on that one.

“God, Your Mama, and Me” featuring the Backstreet Boys, is a very sweet song. It took a couple of times to realize what this song is about. At first, this song can give the impression of being a long song, but after a few times listening to it, I realized this is a song  from the perspective of a parent to their child. When I realized this, it was incredibly touching because of the sweet swaying melody accompanied by the word of the song. This song talks about how he will alway be there for his child no matter what, like any good parent would be. This song has shown another part of FGL, and it is very moving.

“Music Is Healing” is the twelfth song in the album. This song gives that feeling of being not at the highest point in your life and feeling lost. It also teaches how broken society is, but that music is healing. Music can be the thing to fix it when you are beat up by life. My favorite lyric in the song is “Love is the answer and music is healing”

“While He’s Will Around” is the second track on the album fully sung by Brian Kelly. This song is about how it is really important to make time for parents that are getting older and one day they will not be around. That there is only so much time that you will have with the people who have seen you grow up, whether that be your parents, grandparents or people in your town. There are sometimes things left unsaid and they need to be said.

The intro to “Grow Old” has a very old country, sitting on the porch serenade feel to it by the way Tyler sings softly, with soft guitar and soft drums. I imagine this song to be playing at a wedding or at an engagement, because this song talks about finding that person who you want to grow old with, to settle down with, and to have a couple of kids and watch time go by together. I think that a lot of people will be able to relate to this song and love it. This song really moved me when I first heard it after listening to how FGL’s music had come along and the amount of true love that was put into this song.

“Heatwave” is the last and 15th song on FGL’s new album “Dig Your Roots” and this song provides a strong finish.  It is a very metal song in a way and it has an undertone of a romantic song on the beach at sunset. This song has a variety of different sounds to it as well which makes it interesting.This song talks about how when you are with your significant other it can be like you’re caught up in a heatwave of love. In this song you get a sense of what he is talking about and how he is feeling.

To conclude Florida Georgia Line’s new album, they have developed a new feeling to their songs. The duo has branched out in the sound to their songs as well. With song like “Lifer”, and “God, Your Mama, and Me”, it is very evident that there has been a change in their personal lives, from the hits they were previously turning out. Their older songs that  made them famous had a very strong feeling of being young and wild and is one of the things that makes their music very enjoyable. With the new songs, I think that it’s a good upgrade to show their audience that they can write songs that people can relate to in that way as well.

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