Violent Crime Rate on the Rise in Some US Cities

160311_crime_crime-scene-crop-promo-xlarge2By Natalie Steinberg

Throughout the entire world there has been an upheaval of crime, especially in the larger cities in 2014-2015. This problem has stretched across the nation in an monumental way, such as: murders, police shootings, riots, and more. The people in these cities have been subjugated to this terror as the years drag on. But, the real question is, why has the crime rate in some large US cities suddenly spiked?

In New York City, the crime rate went up 20% in 2015. Baltimore’s murders shot up to 37% in the year of 2015. Even Los Angeles’s murders and crimes went up to 27% and a whopping 50% for Houston in the same year.

Baltimore’s Police boss Anthony Batts stated that the riots have had another effect on crime throughout the cities, specifically on the supply of drugs. Anthony Batts was the former chief of police in Long Island and Oakland for 27 years. His motivation to seek the Oakland job of chief of police was heavily influenced by the killing of four Oakland police officers in March 2009.

According to Batt’s there has been a gigantic surge of drugs from pharmacies, throwing off the balance between gangs. However, other speculations on what has caused this rise have been due to some of the high profile shootings that have transpired in the past couple of years. A lot of the times, violent crime rate spikes are in response to changes in policing, and social disorganization, such as, upheaval of citizens due to various conflicts involving the justice system. Meaning, It’s not really all that surprising that this rise has occurred in certain major cities, like, New York and Baltimore.  

Violent crime affects everyone in the area and festers until there’s nothing left but hate. This hate is destructive and can cause others to act irrationally. But knowing that some of the citizens are unhappy and want change. It is likely that these causes are able to be improved for the better.

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