The Art of Sneakerheads

by Josh St. Hill

I recently walked into Fashion Square Mall, passing Finishline, Footaction, and Footlocker, each store buzzing with teenagers my age, scrapping and scurrying for the latest pair of sneakers. From Jordans to Adidas, Nike to Yeezy’s, it’s all about the shoes! Out of the select few buzzing for kicks, only a couple can really say they’ve mastered the art. They are the Sneakerheads.

Sneakerheads have been on the scene for a while now, ever since pop culture made having sneakers stylish. The style kicked off in 1985 when the iconic basketball player Michael Jordan made his mark: The Air Jordan 1. Jordans have always been a big deal to Sneakerheads, from the regular releases to the infamous retro’s.

Being a Sneakerhead doesn’t mean you have to be loyal to one brand, though; being multicultural is what makes the Sneakerhead itself. Being hooked on only one brand, like having only Jordans, makes you a Hypebeast. Although being a Hypebeast isn’t bad, it’s not the same thing as a Sneakerhead, because a Sneakerhead broadens his or her horizons.

“Most Sneakerheads like Basketball. MJ being the greatest, you have to wear his shoes,” said fellow sneakerhead Tyrese Johnson. “I feel like if you wear the greatest, maybe you can be it.”

Overall, what we’ve learned is that to be a sneakerhead you have to be very persistent, paying attention to release dates, keeping them deadstock, and of course being able to fund your collection should keep you on a steady trail. If all else fails, just keep your closet fresh.

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