Self-Esteem is Hard to Deal With in High School

by Kumiko Turner

You’re a freshman in high school,and you feel like everyone is looking at you funny or they are talking about you.Well I’m going to tell you they aren’t. It’s your self esteem. Let me explain what I mean.

The first thing most people would think about when they first get into high school is why is everyone looking at me or why isn’t anyone looking at me. People who don’t think like that may have a high self esteem.

There are two kinds of self esteem: there is high and low. For example, a person with a high self esteem may not care if someone is staring right at them – they have enough self esteem and self confidence to say something to that person. But if you were a person with a low self esteem it wouldn’t really happen the same way. So if a person with a low self esteem were to have someone stare at them they would most likely start thinking there’s something wrong with them most of the time; they start to wonder if they look bad or it’s the stuff they’re wearing etc. These things can go two ways all depending on your self esteem.

So I went around the school to find some people with high and low self esteems. My first interview was with Moasia Jackson. When I asked her what do you think self confidence is or what it means, she said,”Well self esteem is not letting yourself down and self confidence is having enough self esteem to get out there and do new things.” This is a girl with an extremely high self esteem. She was just raised to be herself and not let anyone judge her.

I have a way for you to boost your confidence. One way for you to boost your confidince is to go out and try new things. What I mean by that is going out doing things never done before – like talk to people you never thought you would talk to, or try clubs and other sorts of things new things like that.

But once you get a hold of your self esteem it can still move around and the next interview I have will explain what I mean.

My second interview was with a junior named Phoebe. She was really open about this interview. The first thing I asked was what was self esteem to you. She said,“To me it means being in touch with who you are as a person and respecting that also feeling good about who you are.”

My second question was where is your self esteem. Phoebe said, “I think that personally my self esteem fluctuates, and right now I feel good about myself and I’m in a good place but it kind of depends on my mood at the time and what’s going on in my life and how well I think I perceive myself to be doing. So right know I feel like I have pretty good self esteem but it definitely changes on outside events and influences that of my own personal struggles.”

For the ending of this article I’m going to tell you how your self esteem can be influenced. Like things that are going on at home that can have an huge influence on your self esteem. For instance, if your parents were to yell at you before you leave the house your self esteem is going to be low and you will most likely be kind of upset throughout the day. If you were to leave the house happy you will most likely have nice level of self esteem. But most of the time it’s going to go up down in loops; not to be corny, but it is like a rollercoaster. It will depend on the people you hang around and all the situations you get yourself in. Your self esteem depends on the your actions and the things you do.

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