Benefits of High School Sports

by Natalia Marshall

Have you ever looked back on those high school years and thought of how much fun the pep rallies were? Is the memory of screaming students cheering on the football team resonating in your mind? There are some people among us who think that competitive sports should be stripped away from all high schools.

Should high schools eliminate competitive sports? Some people think that sports take away the true meaning of what school is about, arguing that school should only be for educational purposes, and sports lead some students down a different path. They argue that sports teams cost money because they require equipment, sponsors and uniforms. Money that is spent on sports could be out towards other important school programs.

Certain students have a mindset to pursue careers in professional sports. Playing school sports will set them on that track since college recruiters are always looking for students that excel in high school sports. If a student is interested in becoming a vet they would take specific classes that would direct them into that field, the same concept should apply to student athletes.

Student athletes need to maintain good grades in order to play. This is an incentive for student athletes to keep up with their school work. Colleges look at the overall athlete, their GPAs, and their character. Usually, when a student is kept busy, they manage their time wisely because they only have so much time to spend.

Students who play team sports also learn how to work together to accomplish goals. A single student cannot play every position on their own, so trust and cooperation are essential for a team to be able to function as one. As Mr. Greene, a writer for the New york times, had stated,“Sports help convey self-discipline and leadership skills.” The athlete can take away what they learn from practice and implement that in school and life. Playing a sport develops a sense of responsibility because the student has to remember their equipment, uniforms, times of games, etc. Having responsibility will help with the athletes school schedule, certain days the student has to bring certain binders for certain classes and different binders for others. Playing sports will increase a student’s drive in school to do better.

Playing a sport will develop responsibility, and a sense of belonging. When someone plays a sport the team becomes a family. The students that are more experienced look out for the athletes who are still learning. Also by being on a team students could develop better social skills that they could use in school.

There are people who look at this topic from a larger perspective. High schools in the United States are now being compared to schools across seas. Exchange students that come into the states are interviewed about their opinion of high schools here. Each country is different in their own way, whether it is language or cultural/tradition. Football in the United States is the same as soccer in Spain. In South Korea the students are not introduced to sports and are shocked when they come to the states. Many countries are known for their sports and to strip that away would be wrong. People in the states should not take the privileges that we are given for granted because there are many students overseas that aren’t even given the opportunity to experience the way sports are portrayed here.

Students who play sports develop patience and determination through countless hours of practice. Games can last up to two hours and can be hours away from home. The work has to be done and that is where the determination comes in, sacrifices have to be made in order to succeed and get what you want.

High schools should not eliminate sports because sports can develop skills that can be beneficial later on in life. Students must maintain good grades in order to play. Everyone loves a pep rally and a cool Friday night sitting on a tailgate waiting for the game to start.

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