The Bachelor

by Samantha Kelly

Season 19 of The Bachelor came to a close this past month. It ended with another romantic proposal for all of the adoring fans to gawk over while simultaneously feeling jealous of the girl who got the incredibly picture perfect engagement. Ben Higgins proposed to Lauren Bushnell in Jamaica, but not without the help of everyone’s favorite television show host, Chris Harrison.

On the After the Final Rose TV special, it was announced that Joelle Fletcher, the second place “winner” of this season, will be the next Bachelorette. What they failed to mention however, is that there will be a season 19.5 from the franchise. That’s right, bachelor nation. A whole other story line presented to you packed with drama, drinking, dresses, and of course, a love story. You’re never going to guess who the star of this season will be.

According to ABC themselves, season 19.5 will be featuring our favorite advice giver, Chris Harrison. Not only will Harrison be finding love, but he will also remain the host due to budget cuts.

Are you wondering who will want to date a middle-aged man? Middle-aged women of course! And not just any women, the mothers of former bachelor contestants! The only women that are eligible to vie for Harrison’s heart are the mothers of America’s sweethearts.

After last season, the Bachelor franchise was getting many complaints about the people who were selected as contestants because most of them were white, privileged, young, and absolutely gorgeous. In 19.5, the producers were willing to break one of those “guidelines” by using only older women.

“I’m ready. Honestly I feel like I’m going to kill this season. The ladies will love me,” Harrison said.

Be sure to tune in to ABC on June 31 for the new series, “Bachelor Sr.”

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