Chasing 1:57

by Joshua St. Hill

“In almost every sport, bigger happens to be better; having the highest amount of baskets or goals is what wins you the game. If only that were true with track and field.” said Coach Doug Bloor.

They say that life is short, and the only thing you can’t get back is time. With days rushing by, and when minutes seem like seconds, the number 1:57 is a big deal, especially if you’re seconds away from grasping it. Junior Aaron Vogeley runs the 800 meter race with a personal record of 2:08 minutes (that’s eleven seconds away from the school record). Some would argue that being a junior is an amazing amount of time to break the record, but for a runner who keeps time by the second, it’s such short amount of time.

In 2009, at the VMI High School classic Brian Huffman marked his name in the Mustangs’ record book when he ran the 800 meter race in 1:57 minutes, the fastest our school had ever seen. Now 7 years later, Vogeley is on the verge of breaking the Huffman record. Just at the last meet, he ran his first 400 meters of the 800 in 56 seconds, keeping that pace he’d be able to break the record and probably keep it for another several years. But in reality, it all takes time.

Most people think running is simple, or that it revolves plainly around two words: fast and slow. Most runners actually laugh at that idea, because if that were the case then what’s the point of practice? Running would be just plain genetics, so you either naturally have it, or don’t. The fact is that track is just like every other sport, and it requires effort just like football or golf. The truth lies on the track field every day, where the team goes through hours of getting techniques down and strengthening themselves to their max. Especially Aaron, because cutting down elven seconds isn’t an easy feat.

Which actually brings us down to Monticello’s infamous field, where the workout today is pacing: 12×200 meter runs, back to back. Legs burning and face full of sweat, Aaron gives no complaints. He takes no breaks, but in fact, smiles and gives us his secret, “Eleven seconds, I have all the time in the world.”

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