Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi

by Tajzhane Guzman

Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi? The decision of who is better is very complicated. They are soccer players. There are many differences in opinion. Cristiano plays for Real Madrid and Messi plays for Barcelona. Ronaldo has been playing soccer for about 20 to 26 years and Messi has played soccer for about 15 years.


Ronaldo makes goals in many different ways. He can jump eight and a half feet high and head the ball into the goal. He can also make a goal from a free kick almost 50 yards away.  Messi usually shoots from 20 yards away or closer.


Ronaldo runs about 33.6 kilometers per hour (20.9 miles per hour) and Messi runs about 32.5 kilometers per hour (20.2 miles per hour). Ronaldo is 31 years old and has a lot of determination to keep his consistency in the game until his contract ends in 2018. As titanbet magazine says, “As a self-made machine of tireless determination and ruthless efficiency, there is plenty about Ronaldo’s rise to prominence that can be seen as more heroic than Messi’s instinctive, alien gifts.”  


Mahesh R. says, “Ronaldo doesn’t often go back to help out the back four. But then again neither does Messi, and when it comes to defensive utility, Ronaldo wins it every time.

The sheer number of corners Ronaldo has cleared for his team is actually a feat in itself.” So even though people always criticise Ronaldo, he does help his team out.


Some people say that Ronaldo is better because he has great skills and control.


Other people say that Messi is better because he is more of a player than Ronaldo and is unselfish. People say that Ronaldo is selfish because they feel like he only cares about making goals instead of his team.


People have many different opinions, but in my opinion Cristiano Ronaldo is better than Messi. No matter what anyone thinks, Ronaldo is still as good as Messi. Like Mahesh says, “Ronaldo and Messi are both legends in their own right, but people are starting to dismiss Ronaldo. Either way, they are both absolutely sublime players and it’s time to acknowledge Ronaldo as being on the same level as Leo.”

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