Stress on Triathletes

by Stuart Thomas

The definition of a triathlete is someone who participates in three sports. But what the definition doesn’t include is all the time and energy high school triathletes put into their sports, as well as the amount of stress that comes along with focusing on school, sports, and social life.

Danny Talbert, sophomore, and Sophia Shepherd, junior, both agree that being a triathlete adds more stress during the school year. This is because players have more time invested in these activities and they don’t have a chance to catch up from switching from one sports season to the next. This, of course, makes school and social life challenging.

“I miss a lot of things with friends because of being busy with the sports taking up a lot of time,” says Paige McGlothlin, who plays field hockey, indoor track, and lacrosse.

Shepherd, who plays the same sports as McGlothlin, adds, “You also get to make new friends from on the team and spend time with them during practice.”

Having that special bond of being on the team and being busy does help with not being able to spend time with friends outside of school. It also creates a unity on the team which helps with overall performance.

There doesn’t seem to be a sport season that is particularly more stressful than the other. It depends more on the season. Shepherd and McGlothlin say that spring is the most stressful. The spring brings on the start of a new semester, which means new classes. Talbert says football season, which is in the fall, is the most stressful because of the stress of game rather than the stress of school.

Since time is limited, relieving stress can be difficult, since relaxing, reading, or other calming activities take up extra time. Since there is so much time invested in sports and school, finding time to relax is difficult. McGlothlin and Talbert both agree that playing sports relieves the stress.

Even though the stress is higher, all three agree that they enjoy being a triathlete. Talbert said, “Yes I do [enjoy being a triathlete] because I enjoy playing the sports.” McGlothlin likes it because triathletes get a cool shirt at the end of the year during the reward assembly.

But Shepherd views it with a different angle, “It helps me stay on track, and forces me to do my homework right after practice.”

The start of the spring season is right around the corner, which means the athletes will be kicking it into high gear with finishing the last sport season of the year. The spring sports include: boys and girls tennis, boys and girls lacrosse, boys and girls soccer, baseball, softball, and outdoor track.

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