by Florian Baessler

Household chores need to be done, but they also requires a lot of time and energy. If you think the time and energy is better used elsewhere, you might want to consider getting a robot to do the work for you. You might think of robots as e-slaves or impressive things that are there for looks or giant war machines, but robots can be anything from a grabber arm picking up parts to an iron humanoid with thoughts of its own.


Robots that already exist include the roomba, which is an automatic vacuum cleaner that looks like a disc, and the robo-chef, which is structured and prepares a meal the same way a human would. Most people that bought a roomba gave it five stars on Amazon.


Most household robots seem to specialize on only one particular chore. They could be very expensive, and students have mixed feelings about whether they would go for it. On a survey the Hoofprint conducted, they averaged a rating of five or a six, with ten being that they would buy it for any price.


One student thinks there might be some problems in the beginning. This is common with a lot of inventions. Lots of rockets exploded before they reached the stratosphere, for example. The idea is that through trial and error, all the errors are fixed one by one in a new invention.


Coach Williams said, “What would it run on?” The robot might have a special cable and run on electricity, have a battery, or use solar cells, but there are many questions about that that scientists haven’t answered, since only a few household robots have actually been invented.


Robots have helped in things other than household chores, such as creating certain objects in factories and making photos from a high altitude (These robots are called Drones). It might take some time for more of these robots to develop, perhaps twenty years, but they could help. Then, we wouldn’t have to worry so much about household chores.


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