The Google Car and What it Means for us

by Tajzhane Guzman

In 2009, Google started a project to help humanity get to places easier and safer. They built the Google Car, a prototype that is designed to take you anywhere you need to go by pressing a button. About 1.2 million people worldwide every year die from car accidents. By using the google car it will reduce car accidents, “since 94 % of accidents in the US involve human mistakes”, the company said.

They removed the steering wheel and pedals, and instead created a prototype that lets the sensors and software drive. This is how it works: the car uses its sensors and software to sense where objects are, like pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles, animals, and more, and is designed to move around them.

According to Ms. Neuhauser, a driver’s education teacher at Monticello High School, said, “Students struggle mostly with controlling the gas pedal. When they press the gas pedal a lot they’re wasting gas and their foot should be on the brake.” She also said, “There is always going to be cars whether they are non-driving or not, and maybe someday there might be cars in the air. Just like anything that comes out on the market as ‘new’ there will be skeptics, and it will take the Google engineers time to work out the car flaws. I also think the Google car may eliminate a large part of the consumer population just because of its high cost.”

But Stuart Thomas, a sophomore at Monticello High school, said, “Students mostly fail to look around, especially at intersections… It’s a good idea if people are disabled or not able to have transportation. The google car means that things are getting (more) technologically advanced and improved.”

The Google car is just the start of the technology of the future. This is only the beginning. This product is beneficial for everyone. This is the start of new and improved technology all over the world.

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