Arts and Culture

Live Arts Theater: Where the Arts Live

by Adriana Wells

Ever since Ancient Greece, the theater has been a form of expression in the styles of tragedy, satire, and comedy. Now, the theater has taken another step to connect with people by allowing its surrounding community members to join in.


The Live Arts theater in Charlottesville has been a home to the community for over twenty years. They’ve produced over one hundred plays and musicals with the help of anyone who wishes to volunteer their time. Dirty Blonde, a comedy that has been performed on Broadway, was last season’s production, which ended on November 8.


Live Arts is located in downtown Charlottesville and was founded in 1990. Since then, the performances—ranging from dance to puppetry—have gained positive reviews.


“The company’s enthusiasm and sheer love of the theater, combined with some very talented people, make this a show worth seeing,” said a Daily Progress journalist on Live Arts’ production of Hairspray in 2012.


Last season’s performance, Dirty Blonde, is the story of a rising actress and a movie fanatic who bond over “the bombshell and scandal-inducing” Mae West.
Nina Metz, a reporter, wrote, “The play’s focus is strongest when it veers back to the present, and yet the person you most want to see onstage at any given moment is that platinum blast from the past.”

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