Interview With Darian Bates, MHS Varsity Football Running Back

by Kumiko Turner

The Hoofprint was able to interview one of the star players, Darian Bates, on our Monticello football team. Our running back is a cool guy – down-to-earth and not too much of a show boater.

He was surprised to set a record for most yards rushed in MHS history.  “Man I don’t know – it felt good to do that for my team, I’m just glad I can be there for them.”

He commented on how his coach would think he did. “He would tell me good job, and get more next week.”

We also talked about what are some things the team can improve on. “We can just be more aggressive and be more focused so we don’t come out flat.”

Darian was humbled when he got so many yards, and though he was proud of the accomplishment, hopes to get even more. “I under achieved,” Bates said.

My thoughts on this player are: well, he’s amazing. The fact that he is so humble on how he performed is especially amazing. He didn’t say anything rude about the other team, and planned for how he could be more successful in the future. And that’s impressive, to me at least.

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