SRO Orchestra Concert This Saturday

by Samantha Kelly

On September 28, auditions were held at Charlottesville High School for South Central Regional Orchestra. Over 300 students auditioned, and of those students, only around 100 were chosen. Three of the participating students are from Monticello. The SRO concert, a culmination of all the work the students have done on this music, will be held tomorrow evening at 2pm at Glen Allen High school.

The students that made it into the orchestra from Monticello include SRO veteran Cassie Ferrer and violinists Kelly Graff and Natalya Koppenhoefer.

“Freshman year I was so happy. I really didn’t think I was going to make it and it was just so exciting,” said Cassie Ferrer, the first bassoon in the orchestra and a junior this year.

The students who will be participating in this event will arrive in Glen Allen, Virginia on Friday during the day and rehearse from around 1:00 to later that night. They will then stay overnight on Friday and wake up bright and early on Saturday to rehearse their music before they have a performance.

“I’m both excited and nervous [for the performance]. Not as much nervous for me musically, but for the whole thing,” said Natalya Koppenhoefer.

Although not many people may know the accomplishment of making it into this pristine orchestra, it definitely is something to be recognized.

Mr. Coston said that not everyone realizes “…how hard it is to get a spot in that orchestra because it covers such a large footprint of the state of Virginia. To be selected as first chair… out of all those people is a major accomplishment. It would be like earning the starting quarterback position for a college football team.”

Playing in groups like this helps students confidence immensely, said Kelly Graff, a 2nd violin in this year’s orchestra.

“It helps me express myself in a way I normally wouldn’t,” said Graff, a self-professed introvert, “because when I play, I like playing really loud. And it’s freeing.”

The performance starts at 2 pm and will take place in Glen Allen, Virginia at Glen Allen High school on Saturday the 14th.

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