Varsity Football Score Report and Post-Game Interview: MHS vs. AHS

by Kumiko Turner

Score Report on Varsity Football MHS vs. AHS

Postgame Interview with the head coach of the Varsity Football team:

Coach Lloyd said, “I think we could have played as good as we could play. I changed up our defense the week earlier; it went as well as I hoped, and we just beat them physically…I think we overwhelmed them. They had focused on the old defense that we changed.”

Lloyd also commented on the question of improvement. “We just need to be more consistent.”
Yet he has seen definite improvement from his players since he began coaching them this summer.

The greatest victory for Lloyd in this game was also focused on improvement. He said that “The fact that we played so poorly the week before with Louisa” but achieved a big win against AHS shows real strength. “The guys that played so poorly played better this week,” said Lloyd.

The team prepared for this game very well – they were just ready with their offense and their defense. The team had a great time, with no problems of sportsmanship, and the fans did, too. Monticello fans hope to see this kind of playing in the future.

Click here to check out a detailed game review from Monticello Sports’ website.

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