The New Face of Mustang Football

by Josh St. Hill

It’s a blistering hot afternoon, the sun miserably terrorizing the athletes as they scrap and scurry to correct their recent mistake on their successful gameplays.

Nearly Every face the same as it’s been the previous year, same numbers, plays, and games. Yet there is one difference, one difference that itself affects the style of the teams play. Like all changes, they can be good. That change is Jeff Lloyd.

Lloyd is the newcomer this season, previously coaching Kettle Run and having a pretty successful team. Yet the question isn’t so much about him, but more about what can he do for the team?

Monticello High School’s varsity football team last year was coached by Jeff Woody who ran it all since 2013 he had a good run with the Class of 2014, making a good run in the playoffs, yet couldn’t bring it all the way like the 2007 Class. With the 2015 class, he made good adjustments, but couldn’t again bring the strong title to MHS. Now The Mustangs are relying on Lloyd, whose theory is supposed to bring them a step closer to the promise land. The theory: “Play the best, and grow into the best.”

To learn more on the situation, We recently sat down with Coach Weaver, who has been a veteran along with Coach Ivory, with the team for about a Decade. He said Lloyd is very structured and disciplined. When asked about the team’s record he infact had a few words that should teach us all about the Mustangs. “Names change, Coaches may change, but the record, the record stays the same.” In another way, even without the best players, or the favorite coach, if there’s that strong effort, the record will stay positive.

He said himself the most memorable season was the 2007 season because they went all the way. He feels this year will be more enjoyable being able to have that Father, Son bond with his Senior Son/Player Seth.

Darian, the starting back for Monticello, has been one of the rare Mustangs that has went through a variety of coaches, from Redd his Freshman Year, Woody through Sophomore and Junior, and finally Lloyd his Senior. Darian agrees with Weaver saying Lloyd is a disciplined coach, “He’s not as laid back as Woody, not that it was bad thing he’s just more structured.”

Darian said his most memorable year would’ve been his freshman year, “ Just having a lot of great talent on the team and being able to look up to them, now that I’m a Senior, I feel like I’ve filled their shoes so-to-speak.” He also feels like Lloyd’s philosophy helps the team, “His discipline holds the team together.” In his hopes for the season he keeps it simple, “Positive record, and Stangs for States.”

In actuality when it all comes down to it that’s what Mustangs want as spectators, enjoyment of the game. Seeing our team in glory and having the energy rub off into the stands, that’s what Monticello’s missing as a whole. If Lloyd can bring the Mustangs that, then they have one heck of a season to look forward to.

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