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Sam’s Hidden Gems: Bedhead-Whatfunlifewas

by Sam Jenkins

Welcome to Sam’s Hidden Gems, where I, Sam, find (or are given) cool music and film to share with you all, and then judge it for fun. By given I mean I will take requests from basically anyone. To make it easier for both you and I to understand my reviews I have created a nifty number rating system! it goes as follows:

1:this is horrid. 2:not good 3:eh 4:neutral 5:It’s okay. 6:really good. 7:Fantastic.

And now without further ado, our first subject, Bedheads Whatfunlifewas!

Bedhead was an indie rock outfit from Dallas, Texas. They are most notable for their unique style that used a lot of guitar parts and layering. Bedhead was active for only a few years in the 90’s, but left behind three brilliant albums, The most diverse of which was Whatfunlifewas, their debut LP.

Whatfunlifewas (WFLW) is melancholy, and a lot of that is its influence. When listening to the album, you can practically taste the Joy Division influence in the electric guitar noodling, light strumming, and repeating bass lines. Copying Joy Division could backfire on most groups, but it’s where Bedhead really excels. They do this by upping the ante with three electric guitars, picking over each other in a tight knit wave, as well as more complicated basslines. These are then complemented by the quiet sing-speak lyric stylings of Matt Kadane.

Speaking of the lyrics, they are fantastic, albeit extremely depressing. They’re are all very full with deep imagery of sadness and emotional pain, especially on tracks like Powder, and Life raft; that open up the album with the lines “the bed at night is a life raft in the ocean of the dark. I hang my hands over the sides, pray to god knows what.” The lyrics are also all delivered in monotone, adding to their overall despondent effect.

Now, as expertly written and performed as WFLW is, it does have some issues. For instance, the songs themselves sometimes don’t flow very well into one another, and others are a bit too similar. These things do hinder the enjoyment of the record a little bit, but not much. All in all It’s still a good 6 out of 7. Definitely check it out if you’re a fan of Joy Division, Velvet Underground, or The New Year. Or if you like Codeine, Bedheads’ other work, guitars in general, or just looking for just looking for new music.

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