Kickoff to Mustang Football Season

by Stuart Thomas
reposted from Sept. 20

It’s that time of year again. Monticello Varsity football has started up and the first home game was September 4th, 2015, with kickoff scheduled at 7:30pm. Prior to the game was a pep rally at the end of the school day and a tailgate in the parking lot at 6pm.

The festivities of the first home game began with students and staff dressing in black and gold for the school day. Newcomers to Monticello had a warm welcoming surprise of Mustang football and the events leading to the game against Lake Taylor.

Juliya Guthrie, sophomore transfer from Covenant reflected on the pep rally and said, “It was overwhelming when I walked in and all, but it was fun.” With all the students filling in and the band starting to play while they entered, the whole gym was loud with excitement.

The pep rally had games and contests to get the crowd pumped. Some of these include: a few teachers shot three pointers, Ny-Jhee Jones interpreted a live guess who game, and the varsity field hockey team dressed as the football players.

“Field hockey dressing up as football players was awesome! All of it was pretty cool,” said freshman Arianna Nixon, who is on the junior varsity field hockey team. The skit the hockey team did included “Mustang Jacks” and Coach Ayers’ pregame speech.

The game had a tailgate at 6, which also aired on NBC 29 news. They were provided with 100 McDonald’s cheeseburgers by the Tailgate Party of the Week. The student section progressively got louder as the game went on, with the loudness slowly heading to the freshman section by the end of the game. This year’s seniors are the current leaders of the student section.

The Mustang Maniacs were getting hype all throughout the day by wearing their black and gold attire, chanting and participating in the pep rally, and coming to support the football players in the student section. Even though it was a tough loss, the Stangs still fought hard.

Guthrie said, “I liked how many people went and it got a lot of support unlike Covenant. Also how into the game people got.”

Samantha Kelly, freshman, stated that she liked being able to see new friends outside of a learning environment and to socialize, even in the student section. She also said being a student and coming to the game is a whole other experience than before she attended Monticello.

Nixon agreed. “The student section looked so animated!”, she said. “But even though we lost the game, there is nothing like going, the entire atmosphere was incredible”

The next Monticello Varsity home football game is on Thursday September 24, 2015 against Western Albemarle with kickoff scheduled at 7pm.

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