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Artisan’s Studio Tour in Charlottesville, November 7-8

by Adriana Wells

In 1994, a group of artisans wanted to raise the public’s awareness of professional artists that lived and worked in Charlottesville. They opened their studios to everyone throughout the city, offering unique views on art and the process of creating high quality work.

This tradition has very successfully carried on. November 7, 2015 will mark day one of the 21st annual Artisan’s Studio Tour. The tour will take place in various locations across Charlottesville from November 7 to November 8, and anyone who is interested is welcome to join.

This year’s tour will be hosted in 17 different locations throughout Charlottesville by 35 artisans, some of whom will be living in the Staunton and Roanoke areas. In each of these locations, there will be demonstrations given by the artists, opportunities to see how the crafts are made, some hands-on tutorials, chances to purchase some of the artwork.

Examples of some crafts include the circulation desk in the Crozet Library. The desk was created by Dan Hunt in 2013, who took inspiration from the profile of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Also participating in the tour is Suzanne Crane, another professional artisan, who will be waiting to showcase her nature-themed pottery in her own studio; she has been doing so for over a decade.

“…. And I like to make knobs and handles that look either like vines or fiddleheads or squash tops,” said Ms. Crane. “It all comes together somehow.”

Art has always been important to her; she chose to make a career out her clay-working hobby rather than continue her job as an English professor at Germanna Community College. This is also when she became involved with the tour.

“I have very high regard for the tour and those artists who volunteer their time and graphic and organizational skills to pull it together each year,” said Ms. Crane.

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