The Market- Classy or Trashy?

By Cabot Martin

March 28, 2015

As Charlottesville’s eatery repertoire expands, The Market continues to draw business from a variety of demographics, especially from MHS students (seeing as they are within view of one another). This is a definitely a good thing for the city and its inhabitants, because of its low prices and the community it creates. It seems as though The Market’s popularity will only continue to increase in coming years, especially as Monticello’s lunch rules continue to become more lenient.

From the outside, The Market looks like a modernized convenience shop, especially when paired with the gas pumps in the front, and the car wash behind the store. Despite this, its upscale architecture (the angular roof, the railed porch, the wood paneling) may indicate that The Market is trying to shed its ‘quickshop’ reputation and evolve into primarily a sandwich shop. A brief promenade around the perimeter reveals well-kept landscaping and swept sidewalks.

Despite The Market’s low square footage, it manages to vend a wide variety of products, including the traditional gas station choices: cheap snacks and alcoholic beverages. Yet it also offers more unconventional choices including gourmet sandwiches that are both pre-made and customizable. The sandwiches are The Market’s biggest attractions, and are named after various parts of Charlottesville, such as the Farmington, Rivanna, and Montpelier.

Surely the most delectable item on the menu is the Belmont, which features the finest of cured peppered ham, salty and thick salami, bologna, soft provolone cheese, hot pepper relish, crisp lettuce, ripe tomato, onions, and oregano on fresh french bread. The three meats make it quite filling, but the hot pepper relish adds subtlety and spice. The ingredients always taste fresher and more genuine than, for example, the Subway sandwich shop that is just across the street from The Market.

Aside from sandwiches, The Market offers a variety of dirt-cheap noshes and refreshments. Deals provide shocking amounts of sugary foods for little cost.  For example, one could purchase 4 liters of Mountain Dew and only shell out two dollars and fifty cents. The Market even offers a free hot dog with the download of The Market App on the App Store. The app is used by many students at Monticello High School, especially upperclassmen, who may drive up to The Market during lunch. The deals span the entire wall of drinks (see pictures), along with many shelves of foodstuffs.

Everyone can agree that the service and general feel of the store is one that can hardly be beaten. The employees, though few, are cheery, helpful, and speedy when checking out. When the cashier wishes you a good day, you can tell they truly mean it.

Although The Market may not satisfy everyone, many believe that it is exclusively unique due to it’s stellar sandwiches, great customer service, and its well kept kept interior and exterior.

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