Arts and Culture


By Zadie Lacy

May 7, 2015


Traditionally, Salmagundi is a diverse salad plate, typically consisting of cooked meats, seafood, vegetables, fruit, leaves, nuts and flowers, topped with oils, vinegar, and spices. However, for Monticello High School theatre students, Salmagundi means a diverse mix of intimate, original pieces in a multi-medium platform. The annual Salmagundi Performance Night helps to shed light on the controversial topics such as sexism, racism, poverty, privilege, religion, homophobia, human rights, and gender issues.

Each piece is written and performed by drama students. The event gives them a unique opportunity to express their opinions through artistic forms such as dance, music, or poetry. The students developed these pieces through rich conversation during drama class about personal experience and issues that students wouldn’t normally be able to share. While watching these impressive performances, the audience members see that these students are very passionate and interested in current and relevant social issues, and are active in voicing their opinions against ignorance, hate, and division.

This year’s performances were not only diverse in their presentations, but also in the issues that they deal with. Notable original musical performances include pieces like Theodore in the Fog, written and performed by Aidan Stoddart (‘17).  Small skits like Ignorance 101, written and performed by Habiba Elnagdy, Lucero Sandoval, and Polina Danilova, highlight these intense issues in a down-to-earth and very real way. Poignant monologues like I’m Out by Oie Slate and Dollface also bring to light the internal struggles and maturely approached issues that are common experiences for almost everyone in one way or another. In the realm of choreography, pieces like Sun, created by Polina Danilova, highlight the authentic creativity and rich imagination that makes Salmagundi the enriching experience that itis.

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