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Spring Europe Trip

By Mia Huff

Monday, March 30, 2015

This spring break, some very lucky students at Monticello High School are getting the opportunity to travel to England and France for a rare opportunity to go an exciting foreign destination with friends.

Leaving on April 3rd and arriving home on April 10th, 34 students and 6 chaperones, including Dr. Huneycutt, Mrs. Bailey, Mr. Schafer, and Mr. Ayres, will be flying over the Atlantic Ocean to visit these historic sites.

On their tour, they will fly overnight to London, England and spend 5 days visiting amazing sights such as historic cathedrals, Europe’s top history museums, and the world renowned Big Ben from the banks of the river Thames.

“We want to give students a chance to experience things in history other than just learning about it in the classrooms. This will help students become less US centric and just more worldly in their learning and experiences,” said Mr. Schafer. “This will give them chances they don’t usually get in a more memorable experience that will always give them sight of different places in the world.”

The remaining 3 days will be spent in Paris, France exploring popular tourists sites such as Place de la Concorde, Champs-Elysees, Arc de Triomphe, Les Invalides, and of course, the Eiffel Tower. They also plan to also visit the famous Louvre art museum and see the Notre Dame Cathedral.

“What I’m most excited for on the trip is we’re staying in a hotel that’s in Paris,” said Kayla Coursey (11). “From some of the rooms, you can see the Arc de Triomphe.”

This will be a great learning experience for the history kids going on the trip. It will certainly be a memory they never forget.

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