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Lara Maluf-Mas

March 18, 2015

It’s safe to say Charlottesville has felt the beginnings of spring during the past few weeks. With weather reaching in the high 70s, who wouldn’t want to roll the window down, throw on shorts, and spend all day outside in the beautiful sunlight?

As a long, cold, and snowy winter ends, we reach the ¾ mark of the school year. The best reward the school gives to the Mustangs is a spring break: nine days of freedom from exams and busy hallways.

Nine days is a relatively long time when it comes to no school. The whole world is open for a visit – and so are all the activities and challenges it has in store. What if you could go anywhere for Spring Break? With no restrictions, no borders, and you could do as you pleased?

All of the Monticello High School students interviewed had their unique opinions on what they’d do if they could go anywhere for Spring Break. They were all very eager to answer the question, some answering with more than just one dream vacation. As ninth grader Zady Lacy said, “Spring break is just a bunch of beginnings. It’s a time to go out and have fun.”

Australia. Italy. Cuba. Caribbean. France. Florida. Greece. South Africa. Machu Picchu. New York. Cancun. Germany. These were all of the different countries, states, cities, or sites collected . Answers varied from crystal clear beaches to ancient ruins in high mountain peaks.

What makes these destination so favorable to Monticello students? For some, it was the warm weather; they wanted to go to the beach to swim and soak up the sun, and then go out at night with new friends and dance in small beach clubs until daybreak. For others, it was about exploring the crowded streets of Europe or discovering a long-forgotten history. Italy seemed to be a hot spot, mostly for its thrilling history and undeniably delicious foods.

If you aren’t feeling the beach or cobble-stone streets with busy central plazas, you could always hit up the mountains in Peru, embark on a wild safari in Africa, or even go shopping in Paris, the city of lights.

Most of the students are dying to go out for the break, rather than stay home and be homebodies. Staying home would consist of watching Netflix or practicing sports. There is no doubt that the Mustangs are yearning for adventure and thrill this Spring Break!

Whether you are staying at home this break or hitting the road, remember to make the best memories you can so that there will be plenty of stories to tell on the Hoofprint afterwards!

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