AVID Meets U.Va Law

By Frelyn Jones

Thursday, April 16, 2015

AVID is a class offered to students in schools throughout the Albemarle County School District. This class is for students who want to be successful and can be successful, but may need a little help. AVID stands for ‘Advancement Via Individual Determination’. ‘Advancement’ means you’re advancing in your life or any goals that you may have. ‘Individual’ means that you’re trying to individualize yourself, and try and be successful on your own. ‘Determination’ is being determined to do whatever you put your mind to.

Since the beginning of February, Mr. Trent, the AVID Coordinator, a Business Teacher at Monticello, and the 10th through 12th grade Avid teacher, has been teaming up with students from the University of Virginia to put together a mock trial. After the idea came together, the students from U.Va came to meet Monticello AVID students in the forum.

The students were assigned roles in the mock court case and began studying those roles. Some students played lawyers, witnesses, and jurors, and some students just wanted to watch. U.Va students came to Monticello and met with the students on Fridays just to give them advice.

Even though the mock trial was postponed twice, the students still pushed on. On Friday, February 27, 2014, regardless of the two hour delay, AVID students and a few teachers gathered in the cafeteria, all ready to head the U.Va Law School.

The students were able to tour U.Va’s Law School and see what the school’s environment was really like. They toured classrooms and libraries, but that didn’t stop them from grabbing a cup of coffee and some chocolate.

After all the tour and a talk from the guest speaker, the trial began. As the students walked to the courtroom, they were anxious with excitement to try something new, but nervous to begin. As the defendant and plaintiff argued back and forth, the jurors sat to the side, absorbing both stories and deciding who was really at fault.

Allegra Thompson, a junior at Monticello High School said, “The AVID law school trip was really inspirational. The mock trial was realistic and it was cool to see people becoming successful that have similar backgrounds as me!”

At the end of the case, the plaintiff won and the students walked away with a new experience. They tried something new. Some students weren’t prepared to get up and ask the witnesses questions or make a closing statement to the jurors, but they did it.

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