By Isaac Harris

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Monticello High School is a unique school, and nothing attributes to that fact more than its senior class.

While the senior class has been a dynamic part of the school for four years, they will soon leave this school for good and find new places to grow and flourish.  Even though melancholy does follow them around, they are also surrounded by an air of anticipation, and have undoubtedly matured from their time at Monticello.

While the seniors have changed during their time at Monticello, they are also very much the same people. They might have different friends or hobbies but they are still the same people at heart. While this is hard to see, the most important thing to see about any senior class is that they are still new to the world and still have much to learn.

One sad part about maturing is the dramatic change in life; you might not be able to see your family unless you come back from college for a break, and it will be even more difficult hanging out with old friends. It is understandably hard leaving behind a great deal of things that you have known your whole life. People are going to head into different directions after high school; some might enter the workforce, others might go straight to their preferred college or university, some might take a gap year, and many still don’t know – and that’s OK.  This reality, while it can be viewed as unsettling, can just as easily be viewed as a start to something new.  While people are leaving a lot of things behind, for every door that closes, so many others will open.

Moving on is also necessary. Dwelling on the past won’t help anyone, including yourself, but moving on will. When people finally leave for whatever path they choose, they can reflect on how much their time at Monticello has changed them. People can see how much they grew from each experience, whether it be good, bad, or the many spaces in between.

While Monticello might soon be in the seniors’ pasts, it will also greatly affect their futures. This class will go on to accomplish amazing things, and, while there are many different people within the senior class, they will all leave Monticello High School with the shared experience of being Mustangs. They will take these attributes and enter the world as a new group of fresh minds, and they will possibly make that world a little better in the process.

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