2015 Boys’ Lacrosse Season

Cabot Martin

March 31, 2015

As the spring sports season approaches full swing, the boys’ lacrosse team is looking strong. The boys’ lacrosse program features a varsity team stacked with outstanding defense and a young junior varsity team promising a solid team in years to come.

Cole Vincel, a talented freshman who secured a spot on varsity as a midfielder, stressed the importance and skill of the defense this year. He said, “[The] defense is definitely stacked this year. We have skill coming from all grades.”

The team showed their strong defense in the scrimmage against the Blue Ridge High School varsity team. Although the game was not officially scored, the MHS defense kept the Blue Ridge Barons safely at bay.

Jackson Petro, a second year offensive juggernaut to play on both JV and varsity, feels that the depth on both JV and varsity will help the teams win more games.

“This years team has a lot more people, which will help out a ton in terms of getting rest [during the game],” said Petro. “Last year we had lots of hustle and skill, but its the all the subs that might help us do much better this year.”

With strong defense and a deep bench, the Mustangs hope to improve on last year’s record of 2-7.

This year, a wave of eager freshman tried out, all hoping to secure a spot on varsity and become the core of the team in years to come. One of these players is Daniel Fowley, a freshman midfielder playing on junior varsity this year. Fowley spoke about the JV team’s  strengths and weaknesses.

“JV has many athletic players, but our ball-handling skills could use work. Our face offs are good, our positioning is strong, but sometimes it doesn’t work at all,” said Fowley. These concerns are warranted, especially after JV’s 12-1 loss against Tandem Friends High School.

As the season progresses, both JV and varsity will continue to improve and maybe even take down Monticello’s rivals at Albemarle High School and Western Albemarle High School. That may be wishful thinking, but there is no doubt that the MHS lacrosse program has nowhere to go but up. Until then, fans can trust Daniel Fowley, who said, “The program is on a good track. Coaches are good, and the team is getting better every day.”

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