Drones: Fight or Flight?

By Mason Eck

March 27, 2015

They are coming. Drones, that is. The question is, what can we expect? Will they become mindless weapons that “protect the peace” as shown in the new “Robocop” or are we going to crack down and continue the recreational RC quadricopters as we’ve seen?

Aeronautically, a drone is: “a pilotless radio-controlled aircraft used for reconnaissance or bombing”. This is true, we use our recreational drones to survey sites from the sky, whether its for military or just entertainment. We also have military drones capable of sending a payload to “bomb” a site. However most of the commercial quadricopters are falling under the broad term that is Drone, most likely because the English definition means “a low continuous humming sound” which is heard quite distinctly from these aircrafts.

Drones, right now are being used to carry out such activities. They are going out into the field, in the sense of the backyard to the battle field. From recognizing and informing our soldiers in a fight where the enemy is and how many, to filming a small DIY film.

The real question is though what the future for our “Drones” Is it going to be Military, Health, social, Entertainment? Well, a Humanitarian in the African Rainforest is attempting to create a package system to deliver across the muddy paths and deep rivers. There are also some 21st century farmers using drones to analyze their crops with advanced imaging systems. Currently the FAA is working on allowing drones to have access to the skies, so even new businesses can look at trying to send packages to our front doors as expressed by amazon.

The one and major drawback of drones is, that they can be hacked and used for purposes other than what was expected. For example a scenario within the Hawaii 5-0 show, where the Predator, your “friendly Military strike Drone”, was hacked. In the show a nefarious criminal hacked and stole a drone, and proceeded to attack the local beaches and waterfronts killing hundreds of innocents without ever being at the site of the crime. Pretty grim right?

Everything considered, Drones are going to come into our lives, and change them for the better. We will gain more security, higher standards of living, and be able to use a new tool in fun and creative ways. g

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