The Connected Classroom: What Happens When Everything Becomes Connected?

By Mason Eck
March 24, 2015

Can you imagine a future where everything is connected to the Internet? What happens when the Internet is not just in your phones and computers, but in the walls and desks of every ordinary school?

It’s almost common knowledge to everybody that each and every year technology companies roll out their new devices, whether it’s a new iPhone or the next Call of Duty. Whatever it may be, new technology is at the forefront of our world, pushing what we experience and understand further. From the technology in our hands to the computers in our school, it is always changing, always evolving.

Soon, however, we will be taking part of a new phase of technology: the “internet of everything.” This would mean that lights, cars, walls, even entire buildings will become connected and communicate in basic, or more innovative, ways.

To understand what this means, imagine this: it is yet another day at Monticello. You walk through the doorway of your first period German class, and the door beeps. It has just marked you present in the teacher’s attendance roll, and it has also put a tab on your location in the world. You then proceed to sit at your assigned seat, which has prepared itself as if it is conscious of your presence. You sit down and take out a tablet. No more computers – it’s now more expensive to save Data on a physical hard drive than in the cloud. Class goes as expected, though the teacher isn’t actually there; he’s in Germany and teaches virtually by appearing on the walls

Yet, the amazing thing is that this is something we can do now. We have the technology and will to do this. Parents don’t have to homeschool kids anymore; we now can teach through the computers we have right now. The same goes with regular classes. Monticello was, in fact, committed to going virtual to teach its students, even if they are two feet from the teacher or 4,500 miles away as in the scenario described earlier.

Our imagination is boundless to what we can do. The world already is insanely connected, especially with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to keep us instantaneously up to date with the rest of the world or with instant messaging and Snapchat to send messages and pictures of what we’re doing, no matter where we are. The future is what we want it to be, and that is connected, through and through.

I believe that the future is coming quicker than we might realize it, and no one will even notice until it is here.

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