Mustang Maniacs

By Mia Huff

February 15th, 2015

Among the fans in the cheering stands of a football game, there is one section at Monticello High School that really stands out: the student section. As the name suggests, this section is full of screaming students who want nothing more than to see their team win. This is the group responsible for uniting the students in such enthusiasm. They are the Mustang Maniacs.

Even the opponents are noticing the Maniac's spirit.

Even the opponents are noticing the Maniac’s spirit.

“The Mustang Maniacs are a way for the school to come together and support, not just the teams, but the whole student body.” said Zach Digregorio, one of the Maniac leaders and Class President of 2015.

The Mustang Maniacs are students who are passionate about creating a supportive atmosphere for their fellow students. Led by an elected group of seniors, the do everything they can to try and get as many students as possible to come out and support the teams at events.

The Maniacs support a wide range of sports: football, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, baseball, etc.

“The energy that we bring I think helps our teams know that we’re supporting them,” senior Seth Moya, an active member of the Maniacs, said. “[It] drives them to do better, perform better.”

The Maniacs hold meetings during the school year to plan out dress themes for games and more. They use social media sites, such as Twitter, to keep raise awareness for upcoming events and chosen themes. The Maniacs sell T-shirts for those who want to show spirit in the student section.

The atmosphere truly attracts students to the Maniacs. Cheering with their friends and feeling a sense of community, the students create a buzzing, euphoric environment at these Maniac matches.

An annual induction takes place at the end of each basketball season, to choose the new senior leaders for the upcoming year. In 2015, the leaders were Zach Digregorio, Ryan Goodman, Charlie Warrick, and Seth Moya. The leaders for next year’s Maniacs have already been chosen: Matt Potts, Seth Weaver, Cam Mady, Teddy Leeds Armstrong, Jon Roberts, Jude Despian, and Kerian Cottrell. The school is depending on them to carry on the Mustang Maniac’s legacy.

New Maniac Leaders

The new seniors to be leaders of the Mustang Maniacs next year.

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