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Anatomy of Frank February Concert Review

By Ellie Muraca

March 12th, 2015

In late February, the streets of Charlottesville were covered in dense, icy snow. Families were nestled into their homes, keeping warm with roaring fireplaces and hot cocoa, avoiding venturing out onto the dangerous streets.

Well, everyone except for Anatomy of Frank.

During his fourth year at UVA, Kyle Woolard (an occasional substitute at MHS and math tutor) decided to create a band that was exactly what he had imagined a band should be: a non-toxic group of people who shared a passion for creating music.


Photo by MHS senior Aaron Cohen

An hour before the show, Woolard recounted the band’s first official gig together.

“We played at the UVA Battle of the Bands – we practiced for 6 months,” Woolard said. “We only learned 6 songs but we were just really meticulous about making them good and yeah, we won.”

Since their return from a tour in Antarctica, the band has been working on writing a new album. Woolard described how his internal wanderlust and deep curiosity for the world helps to create a unique, identifying sound for the band.

“There’s nothing better, to me, than getting out of my comfort zone and going other places,” Woolard explained. “Even if it’s not explicit, it’s all filtering in there subconsciously [and] it’s pushing me in new directions.”

On February 19th, however, Woolard put this desire on hold to play for his hometown at The Southern in downtown C’ville.


Photo by MHS senior Aaron Cohen

Fans of Anatomy of Frank braved the frigid, icy weather to see Woolard and his band perform. The band ensured the performance would not disappoint by starting the show off with two high energy openers and following up with a stellar performance, complete with flashing lights and emotion filled renditions complete with their unique composition of passionate vocals and heavy drums.

“When I started out [writing music], every time I wrote a song it was like having a kid,” Woolard said. “It’s like, holy crap, this came out of me, and when people hear it they’ll know it’s my thing”

Kyle plans to tour solo in Europe with Icelandic band Árstíðir this March.


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