Indoor Track Prepares For Regionals With States in Their Sights

By Cabot Martin

February 12th, 2015


Although the indoor track season may be drawing to a close, it is far from over. Indoor track (IT) is one of Monticello’s more competitive sports teams, along with girl’s basketball and swimming, all of which happen to be in season at the moment. Although basketball may be more “flashy” and swimming more “interesting” to some, IT always fields a promising team and brings a respectable number of fans to their meets.


This year, the winter track team had a solid season. The sport starts in the middle of November and ends between late January and mid-February, depending on how they advance through regionals and states. This is a pretty medium-sized season, not taking up too many months, but certainly not fleeting.


Over the course of the season, the team attended seven meets. The events at these meets vary vastly in distance. The shortest run is the 50 meter dash, and the longest is the two mile run.


The Hoofprint had the opportunity to speak with one of the runners on the IT team, Jackson Petro, a sophomore who happens to be a first-time runner this year.


He said, “Indoor track was great this year. We had a solid, competitive team, even though there were a lot of new people. We did well at meets, and we’re even sending some people to regionals.” In fact, the Mustangs will be sending multiple boys to regionals, including Aaron Vogley, Chris Buck, and Cole Vincel. They will represent the Mustangs in a variety of events, and hopefully secure spots in the state-level competitions.

“Indoor track is a great sport, and we have a great group of people running for us.” Well said Mr. Petro, well said.

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