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A Brief History of Kap Slap

By Kia Wassenaar
January 20, 2015

For those of you who frequent Jefferson Theater concerts, you are probably familiar with the dubstep artist Kap Slap. Since 2013 Kap Slap, has performed 3 sold out concerts at the Jefferson and is due to return again on January 29th.

Kap Slap is actually 24 year-old Jared Lucas. Popular among college crowds, he gained a large fan-base through his early mashups and began live DJing in the spring of 2011. He says that it all started in high school. Having a sister with cerebral palsy and a mother with breast cancer, Jared turned to music as a creative outlet. He learned to play the drums, bass, and guitar. As a freshman at Lehigh University, he got his first exposure to the world of mashup and dubstep music.

“I heard a song from Super Mash Bros and liked it alot… I decided to try my hand at it and expand it. So I just used GarageBand, pretty simple stuff, and then it just kind of went from there,” said Kap Slap in a 2010 interview with By 2011, a 25 show tour was in the works.

Since then, his career has taken off. Kap Slap has performed in cities across the country and is preparing to launch his debut single. The transition from mashup music to original dubstep has been a huge change, and will continue to define him as an emerging artist.

In 2015, Kap Slap has shows booked in Boston, New York, and New Orleans, but perhaps most importantly, Charlottesville, Virginia. His concerts are high energy dance parties, usually filled with high school and college students. Attendees can expect to see Kap Slap front and center, usually behind a large mix-table, accompanied by a loud bass and a great light show.

Before Kap Slap’s Charlottesville appearance in March of 2014, local Charlottesville dubstep artists were given the opportunity to compete for a spot as his opener. Monticello’s own SoundMob won and opened for him at that concert.

Keep an eye out for Kap Slap’s upcoming performance on January 29th, 2015 at the Jefferson Theater. Tickets sell out fast!

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