Snow Days vs. Exam Week

By Lara Maluf-Mas

January 20, 2015

Snow Days vs Exam Week

With January kicking in, the school year is halfway over and semesters are coming to an end. Unfortunately, along with the celebrations of surviving the first half of the school year comes the dread of exams and midterms.

Here at Monticello High School, year-long classes take midterms and semester classes sit a final exam. They serve as checkpoints for the teacher to make sure their students are caught up with the lessons so far or if they’re ready to move on to another class. There is no shame in saying that exam week is one of the craziest weeks in the school year. It’s five days of reviewing, last minute cramming, and hoping that all the hard work puts off a good front.

With this crazy schedule already as mixed up as it is, what could make it any crazier? The Mustangs got an answer to that on Wednesday, January 14, on which date many students had two exams planned.

Snow storms scattered across the state of Virginia left an inch of snow and plenty of ice for the community in the early morning. School was cancelled due to unsafe roads. What did this mean for the students? Now, exams for Wednesday were moved to Thursday, and this week of tests and studying, would continue into the next Tuesday (January 20).

A normal snow day is a blessing for any high school student, but this one was different. The schedule had already been changed for the exams, and things were going to get a lot trickier.

Several interviews were collected the next day to to see what Monticello’s community felt about this unexpected blessing/disaster.

“I mean, it was nice to have a snow day to review some more, but it really messed up the schedules,” said Mallory Yowell (‘18). “Now we have different blocks and lunches, and it isn’t that organized.”

Yes, an extra snow day is an opportunity to finish homework that’s been put off to the last minute or study for exams and midterms. Many students agreed with one another and felt that they could get a lot more done with the extra day off and rest.

On the other hand, an overwhelming majority of students were not pleased with the snow. Many believed that they had put lots of effort into studying the night before so they’d do well the next day, not two days, or even a weekend, later. To add on to this mess, no one got the edited schedule until the next day, and lunches became more peculiar than ever. Classes as rigorous as Mr. Schmalz’s AP World History had to do the exam a day later.

The snow did affect each student, in both good ways and bad ways. Exams did resume the next day. Hopefully, Monticello won’t have the same problem again for a while. If this does happen again, hopefully the administrators will better adjust the schedules. It’s a given that no matter the weather, the Monticello Mustangs will try their best and excel in all exams and midterms. This is what Monticello is made of; dedication and effort.

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