Semester Scares

By Frelyn Jones

January 20, 2015

As finals and midterms come to an end, new classes begin. Wednesday, January 21, 2015 marks the start of a new semester at Monticello High School. It will almost be like the beginning of the school year all over again.

Kids will roam the halls trying to find their new classes and see who will share new memories with them in the classrooms. Students will stand in the hall until the very last second and then they run frantically to class and are often marked tardy.

No worries, though. If you are starting new classes this semester, then look for a teacher or an administrator (Mr. Bonham, Dr. Costa, Mr. Atkins, and Dr. Turner) that can show you to your new class. If you forgot your schedule at home or don’t know what classes you will be taking this year, then go to the front office or the guidance office for help.

If you are signed up for the wrong class or have holes in your schedule, go to your guidance counselor when those wrong classes are supposed to meet. It is best to try and fix any errors in your schedule within the first week of new classes.

Guidance counselor Mr. Johnson helps students that are in AVID and students with last names A-Amrein. Ms. Eubanks helps the students with last names Anderson-Carlson. Mr. Jones helps students with last names Carney-G. Mr. Southall helps students with last names Meade-Shields. Mrs. Gaskins helps students with last names from H-Mc. Ms. Camp helps students with last names from Shifflett-Z.

Now for the kids whose schedules may stay the same: try not to be hard on the other kids who may be lost or don’t know where to go. Lend out a helping hand to your peers. Just remember that you were once a lost student transitioning to a new semester.

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