What You Need to Know About Exams

By Keely Wiese

Friday, January 9, 2015

It’s been a semester. We are almost halfway through the year, which means it is time for exam week! Final exams and midterms are being held on January 13th-16th, with a normal Friday schedule on Monday, January 12th.

Anyone else already stressed about their tests, but also confused about where to be and when? Hopefully these points will help you sort it all out:

  • Am I eligible to be exempt from the exam? To be exempt from taking the final exam in a class (you can’t be exempt from the midterm exam) you must have a 90%+ as your grade for the SECOND semester. In the second semester (Oct. 27- Jan. 16) you must also be in-school (ISS) and out-of school (OSS) suspension free.
  • Can my SOL be put in as my final exam? This concept only applies if you are enrolled in Standard, Academic, and Advanced level classes. Using the conversion table below you can have your SOL score substitute your final exam (as long as your teacher says it is acceptable).
    • Practical/Standard        Academic/Advanced
      A (100) 500-600           A (100) 500-600
      B (89) 440-499             B (89) 466-499
      C (79) 400-439             C (79) 433-465
      F 399-                           D (69) 400-432
  • If I am exempt from the exam, what classes do I need to attend? You are not required to attend the exam time for that class, though a parent needs to sign you out. Otherwise, you must attend and work in the classroom quietly. It is up to the individual teacher whether you are able to miss any class leading up to his/her exam and if so, the same rules apply. You will be marked absent if you skip a class leading up to the exam – even if you have permission to miss – so get a parent or guardian to sign you out. You will not be marked absent if you do not attend the exam period and are exempt from the exam.
  • Can I leave the exam session early? No, you are required to stay in your exam room during the entire period and will not be permitted to leave the room or leave school early when you are finished. Exceptions are doctor’s appointment etc. though for those you need an early release form filled out at least 24 hours in advance.
  • If I am taking the exam, at what point am I marked late? You must be in your class during your exam period on time. If you are more than 15 minutes late you need to retake it from 4-6 on January 22nd. You will not be given extra time if you arrive late.
  • Check out the exam schedule to the side so you know where to be and when. Hopefully these pointers helped clarify any questions you may have had. Good luck on your exams!

Winter Exam Schedule 2015 MHS (3)

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