MHS Library’s Grand Prize Magna Award

By Mia Huff

December 19, 2014

In December 2014, the library won a National award.

Our very own media center at Monticello High School has just been announced as the 2015 Magna Award Grand Prize winner by the National School Board Association. This  award honors the schools that are thought to have the best practices and innovative programs that advance student learning.

“Just the mentality of the library, how it’s not a silent zone but one for socializing and working together to learn is unique, making us a successful media center.” said Mr. Glover, a teacher you can constantly find in the MHS library.

MHS Library.png

Many features of the library itself can contribute to the big achievement as well. The library contains a hacker space for TV production, studios for creating and recording digital products, the maker space with tools such as a 3D printer, and the glass room as an effective instructional area. One corner of the library is called the writer’s cafe, which is used for quiet work and study. The common area in the center of the library is equipped with seating, desktops, and all the books and resources. Students and teachers take advantage of all of these great places. These places all have great impact on the instruction of the students and help out the staff with teaching and resources.

The MHS media center has never won an award before, but this one will bring great recognition to the school. Albemarle County Public Schools will be acknowledged and published in the American School Board Journal as well as receive a $5000 sponsor from Sodexo School Services. The achievement will also catch the eye of other schools, giving MHS merit and respect. Monticello High School is very lucky to have a media center nationally recognized as one in a new of generation libraries.

“The work of the librarians and also the work of our administration and the support from them and the faculty would have to be critical,” said one of the librarians, Ms. Craddock, “not every administration would be on board with the innovative programs that we run down here.”

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