Varsity Volleyball: Being a Small Duck in a Competitive Pond

By AJ Mincer


Being a freshman on a varsity team is a privilege but it’s also difficult.

Around fifty people showed up to volleyball spots to compete for a total of 25 spots. This means half of the people who tried out got cut.

Amaya Gibson and Simrin Goodman love being on the team as freshmen.

Amaya said, “It’s really fun being a part of the team and meeting new people.”  Simrin Goodman also loves being on the team. Being on the team is an amazing experience for her and all the girls are hardworking.

Though the team has been a positive experience for the girls, it is still occasionally nerve-wracking.

“At first I was a little bit nervous” Freshman volleyball player Amaya said, “but now I’ve gotten used to it.”

Simrin agrees.  However, she realized that they are all just one team and every girl on the team has the same goal. She says that everyone on the team works well together and it is a great experience to be able to play with these girls, at this level, at such a young age.

They try to stay intense and positive at the same time.

Simrin added, “It is nice having other freshman on the team because then we aren’t singled out.”

11th grader Ashli Spruill said, “ She loves everyone on the team and talks about the team as a whole, as if they were one big family.” This a model for how Monticello athletes should treat new freshman. The people on the team know that they should be honor that they earned a spot on the team. These girls have great spirit and have beautiful personalities to make everyone feel welcomed. Overall these girls love being on the team and seem to have a strong bond that figures to translate to on the court success.

Come see these girls play at their next game on Tuesday, October 14th!!

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