Pep Rally Review

By Cabot Martin & AJ Mincer
Thursday, November 6, 2014

This pep rally was one to remember.

One freshman, Jeb Horn, summed up the whole scene perfectly in one sentence: “That was funny stuff.”

This past Friday, October 11th, 2014, a large mass of students crowded into the Monticello bleachers for a pep rally. Many had heard rumours about what students were going to see but no one was quite sure. During the pep rally, there were all types of performances, competitions, and skits, all intended to get the Mustangs ready for the varsity football game against Fluvanna later that evening.

SCA President, Zach “Digo” DiGregorio, and Mr. Dove led student competitions, like a game where students had to shake ping pong balls out of a box. There were performances featuring Frank Jones, Malcolm Wills, and Eric Moulton. They gave a rousing chant of the school’s unofficial anthem, ‘No Fly Zone.’

This was the first time the student body got to see all of the students on homecoming court and the first time we got to see some of our very own varsity football players in dresses.

Students got quite a kick out of the “Miss Varsity Football” beauty pageant. Eight of our prettiest football players came out in dresses and shared their opinions on some of their teammates.

Bryce McGlothlin thinks #3 Darian Bates is the prettiest football player of the team because he is “Super Swifttyy.” And Caleb Bouw thinks #40, Tony Talbert is the cutest football player because “He just loves his facial hair.” In the end the crowd voted #6 Seth Weaver the title of “Miss Varsity Football” and he took home a beautiful crown and a lovely pink football.

Because the rallies are so rare (they only happen a few times per season) they generate a good deal of buzz around the Mustang community.

Horn said, “My favorite parts were the musical performances by Frank Jones and Malcolm Wills. I also liked the ‘Ms. Varsity Football beauty pageant.”

He went on to point out that the rally was not all good, though, and that “The game where people would shake their butts in order to get as many ping pong balls to fall out of a empty tissue box felt irrelevant and forced.”

Though Horn was upset about the ping pong balls, many students were laughing during the game. In fact students were laughing throughout the entire event and left with high spirits heading into the homecoming game.

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