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Agency and More: Drama Hosts Display of Student Talent

By Kayla Coursey
Thursday, October 23, 2014

On the evening of Wednesday, October 22, 2014, Monticello High School hosted a plethora of dramatic and musical talents, starting with a performance of Agency followed by a display of student talent.

The two parts to the show separated by a cupcake break provided by Ms. Rocco Culinary Arts class.

The first half was Monticello Drama’s competition one act play Agency written and directed by Aaron Cohen (grade 12), co-written by Audrey Parks (10). The second half of the evening was dedicated to the talent of the students that contributed to the play, included songs performed by Aaron Cohen (12), Cate Wells (11), Aidan Stoddart (10), Eboni Barbour (12), and Elizabeth Lainez (Alumni) as well as dances featuring Alex Espinosa (12), Gaby David Guzman (12), and Malcolm Wills (12).

Read more about Aaron Cohen, the student director of Agency, in this article.


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