Cross Country Heads to State Championship

By Cabot Martin
October 12, 2014

This Friday, the Monticello girl’s cross country team will compete in the state-level championships in Richmond. The team is excited, well prepared, and looking to take home trophies this year. Each girl will run a 5k (3.1 miles) in hopes of getting the lowest time.

The journalism team at Monticello had an opportunity to speak with one of the members of the team, Sophie Kane, who gave us valuable insight on their road to states, and their hopes for the upcoming competition. She explained how in regional tournaments, the team as a whole tried to get the fewer points by running faster times, and how the 6 teams with the lowest score from each region advanced to the next level.

The season, which starts in the late summer and continues through fall, began well for the MHS team. Ms. Kane says that “We have definitely progressed since the beginning of the season, but from the start, we have been pretty good.”

Even though the Monticello team may have believed in themselves from the beginning, odds in the 3A girls team division (regionals) favored Western Albemarle. Regardless, Monticello managed to beat out Western by 9 points with a score of 73, as opposed to the 82 of Western. Armed with healthy confidence and a passion for winning, the girl’s cross country team has high hopes for Friday.

Only one member of the boy’s team will be attending the state championship, <name>, seeing as qualifications are handled on an individual basis, instead of just having one score for the whole team.

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