Monticello vs. Monticello: Powderpuff

By AJ Mincer
November 13th, 2014

On Tuesday afternoon there was a lot of chatter flowing through school as many girls walked around in white powderpuff shirts. The week leading up to this day, girls from each grade level had been gathering together with football players to practice for the charity powderpuff game benefitting veterans.

The first game was Seniors vs Freshmen. The Seniors quickly took the lead with a touchdown from Kathryn Deane. Coach Jarrell said his star offensive players were Morgan Rose, Michaela Tolley, and Paige McGlothlin. Key players for the Seniors included Ruby Garfolo, Kathryn Deane, and Bailey Mincer. The game finished at an embarrassing score of 22-0, Seniors advancing to the final game.

The second game was Sophomores vs Juniors. Samantha Payne stole the show with many fast breaks. Sydney Mincer and Kayley Norford also played great games for the Sophomore class. However the sophomores couldn’t pull through and the Juniors beat them, advancing to play the seniors with a score of 18-8.

Finally the Juniors played the Seniors in the “Super Bowl”. The Juniors couldn’t put up a strong enough fight and for the second time that night the Seniors won with a shutout: 18-0.

All around it was great event. Freshman Coach Kevin Jarrell said, “Going into the game we just wanted to go out and have a good time.”

At the end the Leadership class raised a total of $1,315, money that will go to Project Healing Waters. The project is dedicated to the rehabilitation of disabled active military service personnel and veterans through fly fishing and other activities for veterans and family members.

If you weren’t able to make the game go check out the highlight video here.

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