Fundraiser at Bloop on Saturday, November 22nd

By Selena Shifflett

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Every student at Monticello is familiar with the bright pink letters on the side of the yogurt cup, the pastel-painted parlor, and the price-by-ounce policy. But, what people may not be familiar with is the fundraiser for Ebola happening on Saturday, November 22nd.

Bloop, the chain frozen yogurt shop conveniently placed down the street from Monticello High School, has agreed to participate in a fundraiser to raise money for orphans who have lost family to Ebola. The fundraiser is happening through Monticello’s own Health and Medical Sciences Academy, though science teacher Mr. Dove said that he had very little part in the entire organization of the fundraiser. In fact, the entire event was orchestrated by a student named Keely Wiese (‘18).

“This is what you strive for in a student,” said Mr. Dove, “people that take a look, they see a need, and they go to fill it. I think she’s going to be a standout and hopefully others will follow in her footsteps.”

Keely’s empathy for the situation in Africa started last year when one case of Ebola cropped up in the United States. When Ebola suddenly made headlines again two months ago, Keely’s compassion returned and prompted her to help.

“I read all of these articles about Ebola early on,” said Keely. “It came to Texas and it came to New York and France, and I thought, ‘what can we do?’”

She said that she didn’t know what the fundraiser was going to be at first; she considered the possibilities of a craft fair, a bake sale, and a fun run. It took a flyer for Walton’s band fundraiser to give her the idea of Bloop.

After two months of back-and-forth talking with the manager of Bloop and Monticello’s

administrators, making and approving flyers, and enlisting other students to help with posters, the week of the fundraiser arrived at last. The fundraiser is going on all day on Saturday, November 22nd.

Flyers can be printed out from the image to the right, and students are walking around during all three lunches and passing out flyers. The flyer isn’t even necessary; you can just mention it when paying for your yogurt at Bloop.

Bloop will donate 10% of the net cost of the first 50 people who have handed in a flyer or

mentioned the fundraiser while paying. Bloop will then donate 15% of the net cost for the next 51-100 people. If over one hundred people come and buy Bloop to support this fundraiser, then Bloop will donate 20% of the net cost.

Though Keely was able to organize the fundraiser almost single-handedly, all of her hard work would be useless without the help of Monticello students. She urges everyone to pick up a flyer and go eat some frozen yogurt on Saturday because it is for a great cause.

“We really need all of Monticello students and their families and friends to help because HMSA can’t do it alone,” said Keely. “The more excited people are and the more they talk to their friends, the better the turnout will be.”

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